Our Heart for Adoption

We already have a beautiful little daughter and were very happy with our lives before God laid on us this desire to adopt. But God did decide to lay it on our hearts. Our desire is for every child to have a family. So much of our understanding of God is developed within the context of family. God is our heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is His Son. We are adopted into His family. We are dearly loved children. Orphans will never understand God’s love for them without a family of their own.

Gerald Clark and his wife worked for six years in an orphanage in the Philippines. He tells a story of his experiences:

“My job included regular visits to the orphanage, and the children always greeted me with eager smiles. Even a little blind girl would run toward the sound of my clapping hands and leap into my arms. But I always returned to mission headquarters and left the children behind at the orphanage. I wasn’t there to see the pain on their faces, their hopes shattered and their little hearts broken, but each time I returned to the orphanage I couldn’t help but notice how their behavior was changing. One by one they all lost hope as they realized I was never going to give them my heart and my home. Eventually they no longer greeted me, and some even shunned me. There were no tears in their eyes either; their eyes had run out of tears!”
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Every child deserves a family. This is how God has created us. James 1:27 states very clearly that we are to look after the orphans. This ministry’s focus is not to expand people’s family, but to find homes for orphans. These two things might look the same, but the focus is completely different.

Allison and I believe there is no stronger statement of a commitment to people than adoption. You are taking one of God’s most precious blessings He ever gives, taking them out of a situation where the will not be taught about Jesus and God’s love for them and putting them into a Christian family where they would not only hear God’s love, but also begin to feel it. We will be giving a blessing to those orphans, to the family who chose to adopt, and to this church who gets to watch these lives they helped save. That will have way more impact than any week-long mission trip.

Southbrook Church outside Charlotte is an example of the things that we are praying for our church. This article is great story of God’s hand. Oprah had a story on them as well and at that time the church had adopted 31 children from Liberia. Can you imagine if our church was able to empty an orphanage?

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