Dossier Complete!

Since the middle of December we have spend most of our free time working on a packet of papers called a dossier. This set of paper work has everything you ever wanted to know about the Shorters. There is a complete home study by a social worker, references from our bank, mortgage company, and my boss. And finally two official sign offs, one from the FBI and the other from the Department of Homeland Security. And if gathering all of the paperwork was not enough, each item needed to be signed, notarized, and apostilled (a fancy seal from the Secretary of State from the state the paper work was signed). Whew!

Here you see Nathan at FedEx Kinkos taking all the precious information from us. I am glad he took it serious enough not to smile.

From here the Dossier goes to our adoption agency. From there we are not positive of the exact details, but we do know it gets translated into Russian and eventually sent over to Kazakhstan. once they get it, we can get the referral for Anna at anytime. Yippee!

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