Where Does All The Money Go

Some of you might be wondering where all the money goes. Not to bore you with a complete breakdown, we have compile a decent list of everything that we are charged for. It is a big task, but it will be well worth it.

US agency or attorney fees

  • INS/State Department visa application, processing and visa medical fees
  • Copies of government, employment, and financial documents
  • Homestudy and parent preparation
  • Physical examinations
  • Translation and authentication of adoption dossier documents
  • Agency placement fee

Fees in the foreign country

  • Travel expenses (transportation, hotel, meals) for six weeks in country
  • Foreign agency placement fee
  • Foreign attorney legal and placement fee
  • Medical care for Anna
  • Medical evaluation of Anna
  • Use of translation and driver services by US agency representative in the foreign country
  • Foreign court filing fee and document fees (birth certificate and adoption decree)
  • Required “donation” to orphanage and overseas agency
  • Passport office fees for Anna
  • Memorabilia from Anna’s home country

We expect that Anna will repay us by enlarging our hearts.

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