Shorter Adotion Twist

Dear friends:

As you may remember from a letter you received in the mail recently, Kevin and I were in the process of adopting a little girl, Anna, from Kazakhstan. We wanted to bring you up to speed with our news so you would know what was going on.

Unfortunately, we cannot follow through with adoption right now as we have recently found out that we are expecting a baby around Valentine’s Day. It was a shock to say the least! We talked with our adoption agency as well as another agency, and they both said we cannot travel overseas if the woman is pregnant. For Kazakhstan, both parents have to travel, so we are going to have to wait several months or a year to pick back up where we left off.

We are excited for the surprise gift God has given us in having another child, yet we are disappointed that we cannot adopt right now. For those of you that had given us money, you should have received a letter from us. Please let us know if this did not reach you.

Thank you again for your prayers for our growing family!

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