Adoption Agency Chosen

The adoption journey continues. We mentioned last time that our previous adoption agency, World Partners Association, no longer processes Chinese adoptions, which sent us on search again for a new agency. In actually we were mainly going to keep the same agency in order to save money. They have been a good agency to work with so far, but we chose them to adoption from Kazakhstan. Now that we are back on the road to China, we are looking for an agency with better connections within China.

We looked through a few options before landing on Living Hope Adoption Agency. They only perform Chinese adoptions, and they are connected to four orphanages in China. Therefore they are pretty committed to the country and helping primary Chinese orphans. This in no way slights WPA; they are just as committed to the Kazakh orphans.

We just receive the application in the mail today, so the process is just starting. I know most of you have heard differently about Chinese adoptions, but we might have Anna home in a year. Again, we will keep everyone informed about details. Thank you for your prayers.

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One comment to “Adoption Agency Chosen”
One comment to “Adoption Agency Chosen”

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