Life’s Suddenlies and Our New Adventure

Hello, friends! Thanks for taking the time to read about our new life direction. One of the things we have gleaned most from our time in Redding is the value for relationships, and how God loves it when we work together. As we see it, we will be working together with you to make our ideas and dreams a reality. And we are so honored that you have chosen to walk the journey with us!!

As many of you know, I (Allison) have had a heart for orphans in East Asia since I was a child. Kevin and I have tried to adopt from there, and it hasn’t worked out. In 2010 a few months before we were supposed to travel to bring our daughter home, the government gave the child matched with us to another family.

So as you can imagine, our adventure has had many twists and turns, many heartbreaks, and many “suddenlies”. We never dreamed of living there, but have always wanted to travel there on short term trips and intercede for the nation and her orphans.

Why are we moving?

05-heilongtan-park-lijiang-kunming-yunnan-chinaWe have loved our time in Redding – the best three years of our lives. We were all four very content here, loving our church, friends, mountains, and work. But then October 30, 2012 happened and in an instant everything changed. We went from being content to suddenly knowing that we had a mission on the other side of the Pacific. I was spending time with God journaling when out of the blue He told me to prepare to move to East Asia (He actually named the nation. ☺) I showed Kevin, and we prayed individually for a few days just to make sure I had heard right. A few days later, Kevin said, “You’re right. Let’s move.”

Our last two months have been full of research online, interviewing people from there, interviewing foreigners there, etc. We have learned so much and have become more and more excited for where God is leading us and for the mission we want to see accomplished.

What will we be doing?

“What will we be doing?” you are probably wondering. Thanks for asking! We have had a dream for over two years now of having a farm with fruit trees, vegetables, horses, chickens, etc. We thought our farm would be here near Redding, but now we are hopeful that we can secure a farm in East Asia. The farm will have many purposes.


  1. House Orphan Girls: We want to have a place to house orphan girls who are ages 14-16 that are too old to stay in their orphanages. As you can imagine when they come out, they have no money, no family, and are homeless. This is typically when they end up in prostitution and get into sex trafficking. That life style provides them a place to live, food, money, and a sense of “love” they so desperately need. Well when God gives us our farm, we will be able to give them all of those things and more, in a healthy way.
  2. Teach English: Not only will be housing orphans and keeping them from being trafficked, we will also teach them English which will help them get a job, travel, and open up a new world for them.
  3. Teach Farming: We will teach them farming so they will have a trade they can use to get a legitimate job when they are older and leave our farm. And I want to write a life-skills curriculum that we will use as we teach them farming concepts. It hopefully will end up being a discipleship and training school.
  4. Teach Baking: I want to teach them baking (which is very popular there) and other American things that they can sell to learn how to support themselves.
  5. Give Opportunities: As they get healed up emotionally and spiritually, they will be able to love on other girls that come in, beginning to walk out their callings and destinies.
  6. Give Dignity, Respect, and Love: They will learn that they are valuable, that they have something to offer to others and to society. We will give them dignity, respect and love – all things that are lacking in their culture as it pertains to orphans.
  7. Reproduce Ourselves: Ideally we will be able to release many of them to replicate what we have done, being able to reach many more that just our family could reach alone. And we would love it if they end up going to places like the Middle East that are difficult for Americans to go to.

Wow! As you can see this is a huge dream, and we can’t do this alone. We need intercessors that will stand with us and pull on heaven for us and the girls we want to reach.

What can you pray for us?

  • Open doors for Kevin to quickly find work while there.
  • The farm to become a reality quickly, the right people to make it happen, and the funds for it.
  • Divine strategy to continue to come as God shows us how to do this. It’s a little overwhelming, so we just want to focus on Jesus and let Him lead us with ease.
  • All four of us as we continue to process this change of location. We are all excited for it most days, but at times there are tears as we will miss our friends and way of life here.

We love you, and thanks again for praying!!


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7 comments to “Life’s Suddenlies and Our New Adventure”
7 comments to “Life’s Suddenlies and Our New Adventure”
  1. Hey Kevin,

    Very excited for you and your family. Love the vision and the specifics of the plan God has laid on your hearts…

    Kevin, I have been very blessed to have time with you while in Redding.

    Even though we have only had brief moments together….God has reawakened my dreams and destiny in a large part just by spending time with you..

    I know He will continue to bless you and your family in East Asia.

    • David,
      Thanks for your kind words. Who knew that a random conversation would turn out so well. Your faith and adventures are almost as amazing as you are. I love each of our connections and hope there are many more in the future. Blessings!

  2. My sweet friend!!! My heart jumps for joy and excitement when I read of what God is leading your family to do. I want to go with you!!! I’m so glad to have a place to stay posted and pray specifically for the details of this process. WOW- I am so blessed by your radical (though not radical at all, quite completely sensible when you think about our God) FAITH to follow Him on this new stage of life’s journey. I miss you greatly and wish we could just stop and have coffee somewhere and catch up in more detail on each other’s lives. God has been moving and stirring in our family as well, and I have no idea what it is to look like specifically yet, but I guess that’s why God’s word is called a “lamp” and not a floodlight right? Just enough light to see the next step directly ahead, and the Face of the One in the lead. Love you deeply and am praising God in advance for His provision for the next chapter!!!!

  3. Hey Kevin and Allison
    We love you guys and thank you for all that you have done for us through your prayer, love and friendship. We bless you on this awesome journey to Asia. You two are great leaders and you guys are such a blessing to the Kingdom.
    Jeff and Petra

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