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Listen carefully. What do you hear? It’s the sound of all of our things being carried out the front door! That’s right. We are leaving for Asia in two weeks, and our house is getting empty! We can’t believe the time has come. I somehow missed the entire month of February, and now find myself ready to be there so I can rest. Our pace of life has been non-stop since November, so we are ready for some down time.

Elizabeth-DanceLast weekend we had the honor of going to Revive SF, a group that believes in what we want
to do and is praying us on our journey. It was a great time of connection with them, being encouraged, and strengthening our partnership with like minded people.

On Saturday morning, Kevin and I both had separate meetings in the Bay Area with Asian and American leaders who were encouraged by our plans and what we want to do to help older orphans prepare for life after the orphanage. We made good connections with them, listened to great advice, and are excited to see what happens with these relationships in the future.

Now for the fun stuff that many of you have been asking about.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do you have a place to live when you get there?

A: For the first month, we are lined up to stay in a small hotel. Kevin will be adjusting to language classes, while the kids and I will be looking for a place to live.

Q: How are the kids doing?

A: They are doing well. They are sad to leave their friends, school, and life here, but they are also excited for new friends, new food, and to see what life will be like. They have been great troopers getting rid of most of their toys, and they actually seem happy about it. There is definitely grace on our family right now for this transition!

We value your friendship and connection to us. We know we are going out with a wonderful family of people behind us, supporting our vision and cheering us on. It makes a huge difference! Thanks so much!!

Please pray:

For our visas to get here on time. We have our part done on time, but we need others to do their part on time before our departure date on March 16.


For a smooth transition this next couple of weeks as we pack our 8 bags and say our final goodbyes, then fly on March 17 and 18.

For good sleep the next few weeks for us all with stress, travel, time change, and a new place.

For help when we get there. We don’t have any language skills yet, so we are at the mercy of others to help us find an apartment, grocery shop, and get through daily life. We’re counting on other Westerners who were in this situation when they arrived to help us with all the logistical things like grocery shopping, so pray we find the right ones quickly who love helping new folks.

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