Settling In

Settling In

Hi, friends! We know many of you have questions and are wanting details on our last few days! Where to begin? This will give a lot of details for those of you who want them. For those of you who don’t, feel free to skim.

ronaldIt’s been a wonderful and busy few days. Our flights went well, and we arrived in our city as planned around 1am Tuesday. The first day was just finding breakfast, going to the grocery store, and getting a tour from a new friend from New Zealand. The city here reminds us of our city in Turkey where we used to live. It’s really beautiful for a big city with lots of trees and parks. And now we are both even more grateful for that year in Turkey as it was great preparation for now!

The next day we made it to Wal-Mart, which is full of stuff but not too much like our Wal-Marts at home. They had mostly what we needed though, and I know we will be going back! It was comforting to see the logo, and the Ronald McDonald statue at McDonald’s right beside it. Ahh, American icons!

We just got internet up and running today, and are still trying to figure out the cell phone situation. It seems like our iPhones are locked which is a bummer. So we have to get different phones for calling and texting.

Kevin started school today, which left the kids and me to find something to do after our full days settling in. It was a morning of rest. We found a nearby park to go to which the kids enjoyed. The weather here has been great, so it was nice to get out for a bit. Then we stopped for smoothies at a Western restaurant nearby. The hardest part of living overseas for me is finding food. This is the same here, only now I have to figure out how to feed kids who aren’t crazy about Asian food. It will be easier once we leave the hotel and get a kitchen for sure.

Our house

After we leave the hotel next month, we already have a house lined up to move into the end of April. We are super excited for it! We saw it yesterday and were delighted with it. I knew about this house and was emailing the owner before we moved. She held it until we arrived, which I am so thankful for. The landlord is a wonderful British lady who has lived here for 20 years. She is kind and generous, leaving all of her things for us to use when we move in… furniture, plants, some food and even Christmas decorations! After selling and giving everything away, we feel so provided for. And not only is it a stocked apartment, it’s beautiful and nicely decorated. We went for a walk after viewing the apartment and found a playground just 2 blocks away. We also walked though a lovely Chinese garden that’s in our neighborhood that was so peaceful. And this house is also in walking distance to great restaurants and Starbucks! We are all set…

on the shoulders

The kids

The kids are doing great overall. We are all terribly sleep deprived due to jet lag and super hard beds, but they are not complaining a bit. The girls are having great attitudes and both say they are loving it here. Yay for that! They of course miss friends, but they seem happy and are enjoying exploring. It’s an adjustment for them to have to walk everywhere, while carrying groceries sometimes, but they seem okay with it so far.


Thanks so much for praying for a smooth transition. I can’t imagine it being much smoother honestly. We have all we need and feel very full in lots of ways.

We miss you all!


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