Blessing the International Fellowship

Chinese Construction TruckHi, friends. Greetings from Asia! Today I have the privilege of writing to you from a great Western coffee shop. I am drinking a cup of local coffee, enjoying the smells and sounds of our city. Did I mention sounds? There is construction on two sides of the coffee shop. On one side is a jackhammer, and on the other a steady hammer and nail gun into the wall beside me. Ahh, life in a place full of constant construction! This is so far from our lives in the quiet peaceful town of Redding…

Blessing the Foreigners’ Youths

We are doing well though and still enjoying the things that have been going on. There are new doors open all the time for us to teach to different groups of people. We mentioned in the last newsletter about teaching 9-14 year olds in our fellowship of ex-pats. We have one week left, but the three weeks we have taught have gone really well. These kids are so sharp and ready to “run.” We have gone over the prophetic, Love is Powerful. It Never Failscreativity, getting free from lies we believe and receiving truth, and our last session will combine all of these elements to bless our city.

Strengthening the Men

Kevin is starting a men’s group soon and will be using some information and ideas he received at the men’s group at Bethel. There are so many workers here, but not many people (if any) are being poured into. So Kevin’s desire is to let these men be known and encouraged right where they are. Since we aren’t with a certain agency, these men will be in a safe place to share openly what’s going on in their lives. Being completely known and still accepted puts us in a place of willingly living out of who God created us to be.

Dreaming From Your Heart

I have begun a weekly group where I am teaching on dreaming and the desires of your heart being fulfilled. The students are eager to learn this as it’s not part of their culture. It’s been difficult at times to explain simple ideas because as a Westerner I come from such a different starting place. But I am excited to see where it goes and to watch them learn and grow.

Prophetic Creativity Class

Angel in a PortalThis past weekend, I had the opportunity to teach a seminar at our fellowship on prophetic creativity and dance. And I also found someone to teach on prophetic painting. We had 25 people come which was more than we expected.

People were nervous when I told them at the end of my teaching that we were going to dance, but they each participated, and the testimonies were incredible! Many people had never danced before, but shared how in that context with others participating, and with the Presence there, it brought new freedom, refreshment and joy to them. Lies were broken. People saw angels and had significant encounters with Dad, and many said, “Thank you so much! It’s just what I needed!”

Then after dancing, we all got to paint, and many of them painted what they “saw” while dancing. I offered at the end if anyone was interested in meeting again that I would be happy to, and several people were thrilled at the opportunity. So I will probably be starting some sort of monthly gathering of dancers to come together, unite our hearts, and enjoy Dad’s presence together.

Freedom in Paint

Prophetic Art - AllisonAnd the painting portion was significant for me personally. It’s a long story much like my dance testimony of being afraid, having a lack of training, and feeling like I had to be perfect at it. But for the first time in my life (that I remember), I painted with a brush on canvas!! And I love it! I felt so much joy and Dad’s pleasure as I was painting, and it actually turned out close to the way I was hoping it would. I made a mistake, and Dad told me how to fix it. And it looked like I made the mistake on purpose by the time I had finished. I am so glad that we have a wonderful Father who coaches us, teaches us and loves us, no matter how simple the exercise. Painting, for many people, is a fun and normal part of life. But for me, it was another step of freedom and adventure with the One I love.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We know our transition would not have been so smooth and so many doors open to us without your partnership. We know each step is preparing us for the orphans we will help.

Our non-profit, Josiah’s Covenant, is up and running now and fully tax deductible. If you want to give to our work here, you can go to

Love to you all!

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5 comments to “Blessing the International Fellowship”
5 comments to “Blessing the International Fellowship”
  1. I love this post. I have found so much freedom in painting and it made me so afraid at first. Love to you all. Enjoy the adventure.

  2. Great to hear from you, and reading what you have been putting together to bring freedom to that culture is amazing. I love your creativity as a family and your bringing of love to the lives of these people who so much need it. It’s wonderful that you all have settled down in that big urban city. I say more Lord and increase in every area of what your doing, and daily life.



  3. I am absolutely loving receiving your emails, seeing photo and hearing stories!!! I have you all in my heart and prayers!!! Please tell the little ladies hello from Hannah and give Rachel a big hug for me and tell her I love and miss her big time!!!

    Keep up the wonderful work!:) Remember to tell your heart, dreams and situations that God is good.

    Lots of love,
    Hannah Gowan

    • Dear Hannah,
      Thanks for your sweet comments. I told Rachel what you said and she smiled very big. She said she misses you, too. Hope you are well.


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