Summer Updates and Happenings

Greetings from the Orient. We are still adjusting well. Last week Allison made 2 batches of great brownies and I made a batch of cookies, which is another sign of successful living over here. Even though they were not all for us, I’m hoping they may offset all of the weight I have lost here. The local food is good; just not as fatty as the American dishes. I’m desperately trying to hold my pants up on my last notch of my belt.

Last week was my last day of school for the semester. I have progressed farther than I imagined which is a great sign. Allison will start up classes in the Fall to help with the tutoring and Rosetta Stone she has been using. The girls will also take classes at a homeschool co-op here. We are really pursuing language acquisition since when we move to the farm any hopes of getting by with English will be wishful thinking.

Chinese Class

Men’s Group Update

Since the last update, I started the men’s group at the local fellowship. I have four guys, each of whom have been in country for more than 8 years. It is a huge honor to pour into these men and give a place for them to be known and blessed. The goal of the group is to build relationships and have a safe place for men to share their hopes, dreams, fears and failures. Just last week two men had to leave the country for family reasons: one had a mother-in-law who suddenly passed away; the other’s wife has kidney issues that they were going to have testing on. Both expressed their gratitude for the group during this time of extra stress.

“I know I was seriously blessed and I am so glad to have a group like ours to have the honour of being a part of. Somehow facing difficulties and seeing bros coming around to support makes the connection feel so much deeper. Thank you so much!” – Man One

“Thanks so much guys. Even though we have only been meeting together for a short while I feel so much care and support from you all.” – Man Two

Chinese Minority Clothes

Update from Rachel – In Her Own Words

Last week my family went to Minority Village! We got to go in their homes. They were dressed in colorful clothes! Their clothes were so pretty. We loved it. We even bumped into a family that we know! We got our photo taken (not like someone stole it.) I loved the minority dress I got to wear.

We got to go on a sky gondola! It took us to the top of a mountain! SSSSOOOO scary!! Which took us to a park. We got ice cream there. And Elizabeth also got little dogs (not like a real dogs, but toys.) We took a bus down the other side of the mountain.

It was very fun time.

Morning with the Locals

Art with Chinese Children

On Saturday we were invited to go to a children’s program and share
Chinese Dumplingslunch with a family. We got to sing, draw, and speak to the kids. It was a great honor to spend time with them. Many of them come from poor homes and their parents collect trash or recyclables to support the family. We allowed for a time where the kids could ask us questions. They wanted to know about American families, marriage rituals, and about our hair – we don’t have black hair that they are used to seeing on everyone here. One interesting questions was, “is it true that in America your work buys a house for you?” I did offer my house to my boss when I we moved from NC, but he didn’t take me up on it.

After the time with the kids we got treated to homemade dumplings with a precious family. It was a first experience of being invited to someone’s home for a meal. There were three generations of the family there: our friends, their kids, the wife’s parents, the wife’s brother, his wife and kids. Rachel and Elizabeth got to play with their kids, which they enjoyed. The adults asked us to pray with them
before we left, which we enjoyed.

Our Needs

We obviously appreciate how each of you is thinking of us, praying for us, and letting us know we are cared for. We welcome more emails, Skype, or phone calls. We also have some financial needs above our normal budgeting with the new semesters starting. With the additional classes, we need to also upgrade our transportation with an electric bike and bicycle. Here are the additional costs we are hoping to raise.

  • Allison’s Tuition – $575
  • Kevin’s Tuition – $575
  • Girls’ Tuition – $100
  • Electric Bike – $400
  • Bicycle – $70
  • Bike Locks – $30

All donations are tax-deductible and can be given over Paypal or checks through our donations page. Thank you for your partnership with us. May God’s blessing be over all that you do.

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7 comments to “Summer Updates and Happenings”
7 comments to “Summer Updates and Happenings”
  1. Hi!! Love hearing from you! Kevin, before you embarress yourself, go buy new pants!! :0) just had to say that!. Smile, smile

    What is your time difference if we want to call? We are on CST.

    We love you guys! Blessings, blessings! What a wonderful chapter God is writing in your lives!

    Hugs, Toby

    • Thanks for your concern on my pants; your prayers move quickly. Yesterday Allison found some Levi’s at a reasonable price in my new size. It is my first piece of clothing purchased in China.

      We are exactly 12 hours from the east coast. All they have to do is switch the am for pm or vice versa. That would make 11 hours for you at CST and 9 hours for those on the west coast, PST.

      Thank you for your encouragement. I love your family and you.


  2. You guys are doing SO well! It’s wonderful how you’ve become family with the Chinese family, that is huge that the invited you over. Typically they wait a while & “check you out” & then when you’ve “passed” they invite you into intimacy. There’s usually not the “middle ground” in getting to know people…you’re an outside & then “walla!!!” you’re an insider, you’re family! Yeah, Abba!!!

    • Dear Lynn,

      Thank you for your encouragement. We were able to build trust quickly because we have mutual friends in Samuel and Amy, who I believe you also met when they were in Redding. They were in first year with Allison.

      This family has definitely been a blessing, and their kids have been super sweet with Rachel and Elizabeth.

      I hope you are well and that we may get to talk soon.


  3. Wonderful blessings to you as you continue digging deeper roots. We love hearing from you and are grateful that you are there. Keep connecting with the people in every way possible. Take care.

    Daniel & Eileen (we met at Sunny’s for your goodbye party)

    • Dear Daniel,

      This season has been about learning as much as we can on the language and the culture to help us make life here more natural. However connecting with people is definitely a great way to encourage the learning and we have tried to follow the open doors. Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement.


  4. Love and blessings to you all! Praying things keep going well and doors keep opening and that you continually feel His presence!!

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