New Seasons

Seasons Change

Hello from the Far East! In September, we ended our rainy season here and it was all the sudden autumn. With the cooler weather came a drastic change in our lives and schedule as well. We are still home schooling, and we have also picked up other classes as well.

The girls started taking language classes. They are the only two in their class, and they love it! Their teacher is sweet and gives them crafts, toys, and lots of fun thankfully.

Teaching English

I (Allison) volunteered to begin teaching English to locals at the school where the girls and I are taking Mandarin classes. The school director allowed me to begin teaching in exchange for our lessons. This is such a blessing as it saves us hundreds of dollars each month on learning the language.

Girls with kids

The director never asked me if I preferred to teach children or adults, he just gave me students who needed a teacher. And all of the students happened to be children. (Of course I would have chosen adults.) But this has turned out to be such a blessing, and one I wouldn’t have foreseen.

I have realized that teaching ESL to children and teens is really fun! I am currently teaching two classes of elementary children, and one class of high schoolers. The high schoolers are great because they speak English really well and are planning to attend university in the US or travel to the US after graduation, so I am able to answer a lot of questions about dorms, college life, and life in America. This week I taught them American manners, as they are quite different from local manners. It was interesting to see their wheels turning as they were exposed to new thoughts and ideas they had never heard.

And the elementary children I teach are sweet, energetic and quick learners. I love phonics, grammar, and English and have found great joy in teaching these kids things like long and short vowels, playing hangman, and watching, then discussing, Veggie Tales. And in this process, I realized the fulfillment of so many prophetic words over the last four years pertaining to teaching children at a white board. Every classroom has a white board in it, and every class has children in it. He is such a good Dad to know our future and let us in on it before we have a clue.

New Transportation

New Electric Bike

Thanks to those of you who supported us to get an electric bike. We got it three weeks ago. We have only driven it a couple of times as traffic here is still intimidating. We need to practice on it before being street ready, but it’s great to have it. It’s more drafty than our van, but it will do! The kids enjoy it. Pray for our safety. Seriously.

Kevin’s 40!!!!!

Kevin turns 40 on September 30! We have been celebrating the occasion all weekend as a family and with friends we’ve made here. Thanks for celebrating his big day with us with prayer or prophetic words for him!

Birthday Celebration


Please also lift up my trip to Redding. I will be there from October 30-November 9. Please ask for the right connections to be made while there, specifically for me to find one or two people who can join us here next year.

Please also remember me, that I will have wisdom as I teach these children. I want to love them and serve them well. I am very different from all of their normal teachers, but I think they like the change.

Finally, please pray that Rachel and Elizabeth will find good friends here quickly. That has been a challenge so far.

Thanks for loving on our family through your finances, prayer, and emails! We appreciate you and value your partnership with us.


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