A Trip Back to the States for One

Sunrise over America

Going Back to Cali

Allison is back in America for the next couple of weeks recruiting and speaking to groups about Josiah’s Covenant. Since she is gone, I thought this would be a good time to talk about me. People seem to like me. I’m pretty smart. And, I’m in my prime now, just turning 40 a few weeks ago. Here is a short self-filmed video to tell you more about what we are up to lately.

Short Trip to Shanghai

Shanghai TripAllison is not the only who travelled this month. I spent a few days in Shanghai helping a group there that works with women in prostitution. I went to meet the team there, and find ways to help create some efficiencies in their production processes. They use all their profits from the jewelry to give shelter, education, and work for these women coming out of this lifestyle. Therefore any money I can save them in their processes, it goes directly into helping these women find freedom.

I made one quick implementation while there to reduce bottlenecks in missing materials needed to make the jewelry. The process was asking questions how things are currently done, where problems arise, what do the ones working with them suggest, and then putting it into practice. I just led the women into their own solution and they actually jumped up and down when they saw it into practice. This morning I put together a larger proposal that would reduce stress and ease management of their inventory and sourcing.

Men From Around the World

The men’s group I am leading is going well. We have representation from six countries now. I am deeply honored to have men, who most have been serving in country for over 10 years, trusting me to lead them into heart issue and personal connection. I know that when we radically trust others with all our hopes and fears, we are positioned to live completely out of who God made us to be. This is when we have the greatest impact on the world around us.

Influencing an Internet Audience

For the past four years I have been writing articles about God’s love for us and His invitation for us to be with Him. I currently have around 15,000 followers. It sounds impressive, but the actual regularly engaged followers is around 300 and another 3,000 that come to the site each month. This motivates me that  this message is something I am created to proclaim. You are welcome to check out the site, the Twitter feed, or the Facebook page.

The Importance of Seeking God's Face

Tying It All Together

Why am I pouring my life into all these random ventures? My heart’s desire is still tied with Allison’s in providing a family for Asian orphans. We are getting closer and closer each day. The more language we learn, the sooner we can move to the farm.

However, each of these ventures are preparing the way for what we want to bring to the orphans. This group in Shanghai gives us connections into the dark side of life for what may be waiting the orphan girls if we can’t get Josiah’s Covenant up and running.

The men’s group and the prayer coach blog refine me in theory and practice that God loves us just as we are. He put into us the greatness He wants us to release on our world. If we can feel comfortable with who God made us, we can release life into our world instead of trying to suck life out of whatever source we can find.

If we, as men and women coming from relatively well-adjusted families and support systems, still have trouble being comfortable in our own skin, how much more do these orphan girls need parental figures speaking life and love into them? May I be ready when the doors of our farm are open to receive new family members.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. It means a lot to us to have each of you believing in us and pushing us on toward this vision.

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