Full and Thankful – It’s Christmas Time

Hello Friends! Greetings from Asia! We hope you are enjoying the turning of leaves and Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends. We celebrated with our fun American neighbors. A store in our city sells pre-cooked turkeys and trimmings for the ex-pats here, so that was a treat to be able to celebrate our American holiday here.

California Dreaming

I (Allison) had a wonderful, productive and refreshing trip back to California. I saw many friends and board members, met with students interested in joining us next year for an internship, attended a leadership conference, and shopped A LOT for things we needed in Asia but can’t find here.

I also had many speaking engagements in various groups in Redding and San Francisco. I was so encouraged by all the comments and finances I received from people who love our vision with Josiah’s Covenant and what is on our hearts to do. So many people want to help orphans or girls who have been trafficked, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to actually be one who is sent.

Speaking to a Small Group

Provisions in Even the Small Things

On a personal note, terrific friends spoiled me while I was in the US! One friend let me stay with her and cooked me delicious meals. Another friend let me borrow his truck to drive. Another friend bought a cell phone for me to use while in town. Many people took me out to eat and spent time just listening to my stories of life here. It was truly a precious time. We are hoping all four of us can go back next year in November for the same conference in Redding.

Kevin and the girls also had a fun time while I was gone. It had been cold and rainy for weeks before I left, but as soon as I departed the weather cleared and warmed up. So they took advantage of it by playing outside and going to parks. I don’t know how much school happened while I was gone. Haha! But I am glad they had a fun time together. When I got home and unpacked my suitcases, the girls kept saying, “This is like Christmas!!”

Presents from the States

Thanks to those of you who sent presents back for us and gave financially to make the trip possible. It was so worth it!

New Teaching Opportunities

Since I got back my workload has doubled teaching English, which has made a big difference in our schedule. I really enjoy my new students and the opportunity to get to know new Asian friends. Two of my students said they missed me and were glad I was back. Happy heart… The relationship I am making with the school owner is so strategic. He is a wonderful, honest, local man who is excited about us bringing foreigners here in the fall. He is going to hold spots for them to be able to teach English or take language classes when they arrive. We are so thankful for this connection!

Potential Farmland

Farm Update

On a fun farm note, there is progress being made! I received a lot of prayer, prophetic input, and advice from our JC Board while in Redding, and there were a few consistent themes that have us thinking our land may be about 4 hours west of where we currently live. Please join us in asking that it will come quickly! We either need it gifted to us or we need to raise a lot of money. So we need wisdom to know which land is the right land and how to proceed.

If you want to sow into our land and what we are doing, you can give here at JosiahsCovenant.com/donate. We so value your support, prayers and encouragement! Thank you!

You can find Josiah’s Covenant on Facebook now! Please like us at JosiahsCovenant and share it on your wall so we can start getting a bigger base of friends. Thanks!

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