Electric Scooters in Asia

Balloons on e-bikeGone are the days of the bicycles; electric bikes in Asia are now the norm. Most everybody has one, even our family. They are cheap, convenient, and fun to drive. You can carry everything on them. This person owns a business as a balloon seller at a nearby park.

Dog on e-bike

This family is enjoying taking their pet for a Sunday spin. Note the gloves that are attached to the handlebars. It does get cold driving these in winter. The attached oven mitts help keep your hands toasty.

Family Ride on Scooter

The kids and I freezing in the winter. It’s better than the bus… Can you find all three of us? 🙂
Pig leg on e-bikeCheck out the pig foot dangling on this bike. Nice!

Check out the scooter in front. It has a roof. Many have attached an umbrella to help keep them dry in the rainy season.

If you have been in Asia, what are some of the most unusual things you have seen on a scooter?

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