Things Are Moving Fast

Spring in the Spring City

Spring has finally come back to the Spring City! It was a long and cold winter without central heating, but it’s getting warm and sunny out!! We are celebrating that by taking walks and playing outside more. We are so thankful for warmth inside our house as well.

We are Running to Keep Up

Organic TomatoesThings have picked up a lot for us since 2014 began. It’s the Year of the Horse here, which we can feel. It seems like we are “running” to keep up and not quite sure how it will all get done in time. “In time for what?” you may be thinking. Glad you asked. We signed a lease on this apartment for three years, and we have now been here almost one year. Our dream would be to move straight from here to our farmland without any stop over location in between.

Major Needs for Next Couple Years

In order for this to happen, there are a few things that need to line up in the next two years. One is that our language needs to greatly improve before moving to the countryside. We need to be ready to communicate anything we need to without a translator. Now that Chinese New Year is over, Kevin and I will be back in school for the first time since Christmas. (Things here kind of shut down between Christmas and Chinese New Year, which is strange.) So please pray for quick learning Mandarin. It’s still slightly overwhelming with how much we still need to know in only two more years.

Chinese Driving Test QuestionAnd the other major thing to tackle is that we obviously need money and farmland. We have had a generous donor supply a great deal of the need, but we still need to raise funds for a van, and we will need to either build or remodel a structure depending on what land we choose.

We Will Get a Van

Kevin is studying for his driving test (which is complicated with odd wording and different rules from the US), so when he passes we are going to buy a van. If you are interested in giving to our van donation, we expect to pay about $10,000 from what we have been told.

The area where we think our land is located is about six hours by train, or four hours by car. It will free us up a lot to be able drive ourselves and explore for land instead of having to hire a driver. Also, once we get land hopefully in the next few months, then we will need to go back and forth a lot to get things set up there.

Setting Up a New Business Here

Finally we are figuring out that we need to start a business here. We don’t know exactly what that will look like yet, but we hope that it would be able to make some money, which could help finance our farm for orphan teens. And it would also be great to have a place in the city where our girls could come and have a job once their time living with us was complete. So we are thinking about longevity in this country and how to make it work out the best for Josiah’s
Covenant and our adoptive girls. Please keep this in prayer. We need wisdom
set up the right business properly.

Father and daughter on farm

FYI… Kevin has developed a detailed business plan for ourselves and potential donors. It has some projected dates, plans and needs laid out for the next few years. You are welcome to a copy. Just email us if you want one!

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