A Visit from the States

Chinese PoliceWow! What a full month we’ve had. March started off with a major terrorist attack right here in our city. It’s the worst one in our region for 30+ years. It shook people up obviously and created more fear than was already here. We used to never see police or military in our city, but now we see many a day, even just looking out our windows at home. We are not afraid, and we feel more safe here than in America in a lot of ways. But a terrorist attack always makes you thankful for safety and being at the right place at the right time. Please pray for peace over our city, as there is still fear and tension with Muslims in our area.

Then a few days after the terrorist attack, of course there was the missing plane that was inbound for our country having many local citizens on board. So please pray for this beautiful nation as well.

The month started off rough, but has ended with some of our most favorite memories since moving one year ago. (Happy Anniversary to us!) A team from Redding came to work with us and bless those we love.

Redding Team Collage

They did a wonderful job speaking through translators, loving orphans, releasing hope and encouragement over many, and equipping locals here.

We saw 9 new family members join our larger family, many physical and emotional healings, and restoration and healing for those who have been sex trafficked.

It was busy, but so energizing. God loves Asia and is pouring out blessing everywhere we go, even more than we had expected. Partnering with Him is so easy and fun! There is nowhere else we’d rather be right now than here. We are convinced this is one of God’s favorite places on earth.

God Loves Our City

And our family personally received wonderful encouragement as well. The team made us a meaningful breakfast full of symbolism pertaining to what we want to do here. And they prayed and prophesied over us, and honored us for being here. We are filled up and so glad they were able to come join us for a week.

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