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Hello from Asia! Today marks another milestone as we progress along our timeline. I (Kevin) am now an official licensed driver in Asia! Woohoo! It took many hours of studying over 800 questions, but it’s finally done.

Preparing to Protect Orphan Girls

We crossed over our year anniversary in March of living here, and as you know we have been working on setting up the necessary items in order to get the farm and hire orphan girls so we can create a family and jobs for them. There is much that goes into this setup and we appreciate the support of so many of you to get us there.

The milestones have been many – some big and some small. We moved to Asia, which was an obvious step and still a major undertaking. We also started learning Mandarin to communicate with the girls and run the business. Allison began teaching English and writing curriculum to develop strategies for teaching the orphans.

And as you may remember, we also started to look for land for the farm. We felt God leading us to an area four and half hours away to the west of us. We realized that in order to continue this search we would need a van. Someone graciously donated money for this purchase.

Josiah's Covenant Timeline

Starting a Business in Asia

We then found out that the business we need to start in order to hire orphan girls needs around 300,000 RMB (~$50,000 USD) in the bank in order for the our government to approve its setup. After our business gets the necessary approval, this money we raise could then be used for business expenses, set up costs, advertisements, equipment, etc.

A New Campaign Begins

Drum roll please… Because the government requires $50,000 to get off the ground, this month we are starting a campaign to raise the money. We created a page on in order to track the progress of how we are doing. This is a big endeavor for us and another leap of faith.

The success of these campaigns is often determined at the beginning by those already engaged in the vision. They start off the campaign making donations to show momentum for those who find the cause later online and then want to get involved in something that has traction.

So please go check out the page. We would love it if you feel led to give and share this link with all your friends via email and social media. The more visibility we can get, the more support we can receive from individuals and corporations to back Josiah’s Covenant, and the quicker we can start protecting orphans who are vulnerable to human trafficking.

Please remember that giving to Josiah’s Covenant is tax deductible. And if you or someone you know owns a business that enjoys the tax benefit of giving to charitable causes, please tell them about us! Thanks so much for your prayers and support. WE CAN”T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!

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