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Josiahs Covenant TimelineThe Journey Set Before Us

For those of you who know our full plan, you know that there is much to do. Learning the language is the easiest part of our journey, and believe us when we say that hasn’t been easy. We are maintaining a legal non-profit in the States, setting up a for-profit business in Asia, raising capital to make this happen, properly accounting for all finances, writing business plans, setting up processes for donations, building business contacts within Asia, building up social networks to communicate our vision, homeschooling our girls, maintaining a focus on the orphan girls we want to see, etc. Pretty lofty goals you may say. Well that’s why we want to pursue them.

We have been encouraged throughout this process by people praying for us, giving to Josiah’s Covenant, sending emails, and even some stating how they want to come join us. It is very humbling starting something from scratch and then having people come alongside cheering us on.


We Were Provided With a Summer Intern

Chris McGalliard - summer intern This month we had our first person actually come to China to help us, Chris McGalliard. Chris is a rising senior at Azusa Pacific University and has come here to help us set up the financial reporting: balance sheet, cash flow report, and financial statement. These are specific documents we need for the maintenance of our non-profit status.Chris has been a great provision for us. While I (Kevin) can put together the right documents, having an outside set of eyes and his research into the proper ways to set up the documentation has freed us up to do other things. It is one less thing to have to worry about, so now I only have to understand what he puts together.

Over 60% of the Campaign Has Been Raised

We have also seen a great provision of finances recently. Last month we shared our need to raise $50,000 for the setting up of the business in Asia. We now have just short of $33,000 raised. We have been honored by some large gifts, some gifts that stretched people’s budgets, gifts from kids who sold toys to get the money, and other kids that emptied their piggybanks. We’re grateful for this process we are on that we get to see the love many people have for us and have the orphan girls we are seeking to help. You can follow our progress at:

A Visit to an Orphanage

Orphanage Visit

A couple of weeks ago we made another trip to a nearby orphanage. Our girls have been collecting toys and clothes to take to the kids. As a parent, part of you is happy for their generosity; the other part is sad to watch them give away more of their already whittled down possessions. But ultimately we are glad because part of our dream is to hand off this work to them someday when they are older. We can already see their passions for bringing life to these orphans at their young ages.

Thank you so much for partnering with us on this journey. We hope you are having as much fun as we are!

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