Costumed Characters in Asia

Tired Bunny with Old Man

It is interesting to see the combination of customer characters at AsianĀ attractions. At almost any scenic area here, there is a collection of costumed characters seemingly stolen from kid’s birthday parties. The old dirty and tattered costumes only partly make up the interesting menagerie of icons.

Costumed Characters in China

In this picture you can see Mickey Mouse, the Monkey King, a bunny, a panda, and some kind of donkey. (If you look closely, you can see another Mickey behind the donkey.) There is a mixture of Disney characters with Warner Brothers and with Chinese cartoon characters. It’s like a mixed soup.

These characters are here for you to take pictures with them. Generally they are deaf people doing this to make some money. They have a tag with the price, but they will only mention this to you after you have your pictures. They do make some fun pictures and are worth the investment. Hope you enjoy these costumed characters in Asia.

Mickey and Shi Yang Yang

Mickey Mouse and Shi Yang Yang

Chinese Gold Man 2

Chinese Gold Man 1

Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny

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