Good Morning, Teacher

Summer Vacation?

Hi, friends! We hope you are enjoying your summer. Kevin and the kids have had a restful time away from home school, but that will start back up in a few days.

Teaching English class

My schedule has been busier than normal the last couple of months. I have been teaching English every day to five high school students that are going to the US in August for school. Spending 15 hours a week with the same students has been a lot of fun and suits my personality for good quality time! I have gotten to know them really well and am excited to see what the future holds for each of them. They are all bright, fun, and nice kids.

Sweet Education

There were several days in June where we took field trips out of the classroom for hands on learning. A couple of times they have come to our home, and I am teaching them to bake… something young Asian people love to learn and something we hope to teach the teen girls in the future. It’s so funny to watch them measure, sample chocolate chips, and ooh and ahh over the simplest tasks like scooping flour.

Chinese Students Cooking Pancakes       Chinese Students Having Coffee       Chinese Student Baking Cake

I have also taken them to Western shops to show them things like cereal that we take for granted but is new to them. I introduced them to muffins, pancakes, cookies, donuts, and many other sugar-laden foods they have never seen or tasted getting them ready for our sugar loving nation! 🙂

Cultural Experiences

And our class has watched the “High School Musical” movie to show them what high school in the US is like… er, maybe not. But they love the music and have so many questions about things like high schoolers working during summer, dating, etc. It’s been a fun cultural experience.

Chinese Students Baking Cookies       Teacher and Chinese Student

Finally, several of my students are going to believing schools in the States, so we have looked at the Book to prepare them for new vocabulary they will encounter once there. That has been great watching them understand new concepts like they are loved, forgiven and accepted just as they are. That thought process doesn’t exist here where shame and striving rule, but now that they have heard it for months, they are starting to understand and are starting to grow. They say things now like, “I want His love.” “He heals people.” “He helps us.” “He gives us what we need.” His goodness, love and truth permeate every dividing wall no matter where in the world we are.

Eating with Chinese Students

Teaching Preparation

Teaching ESL was never something I thought of doing, but it’s been a wonderful experience, and I am so thankful to be able to love and be a mentor to these kids. I realize I enjoying teaching, and this summer has been great preparation for teaching the orphan girls we get later. Please remember these students as they move to the US next month! Their lives will never be the same.

Campaign Reminder

We have just over a month left of our fundraising campaign to raise the money needed to start a business here where we can eventually hire orphan girls. We have seen great generosity over the last several weeks of the campaign with over 60% of our need come in.

Would you please consider donating monthly to get us on our way to helping Asian orphans ( The YouCaring site preselects a 5% fee for their charge that you can change that to $0 if you choose. The process will then take you to Paypal for payment. There you can select a re-occurring box to make it a monthly donation. Would you please consider giving $50, $75, or $100 per month? Thank you for your continued partnership with us.

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