Starting the Business in Asia

Dinner with Student Family

We were treated to a nice seafood dinner by the family of one of Allison’s students. She goes to the US this week to finish high school.

Another school year is upon us, and our family is feeling the effects. Kevin and the girls started back at homeschool about a month ago, I finished teaching ESL at our language school last week, and this month we are opening our business! It’s a story full of twists, turns, and adventures, but here are the highlights.

Our Asian Business Has a Name

We are still working with the government to get our business up and running, and our business name is… drum roll please… Yunnan Family Consulting! This was our top choice as it is becoming more and more clear that our calling is to build families in whatever life stage we are. “What will YFC do?” you might be wondering. Glad you asked. As it looks now, here is where we are heading.

  • I (Allison) will be resourcing, equipping, and teaching homeschool families.
  • We will offer many cultural classes like cooking, baking, manners, American culture, etc. for locals.
  • We will offer training seminars like marriage and family enrichment, communication, and tools to help people do relationships better.
  • We will equip foreigners in things that we are passionate about, teaching and encouraging them about how to excel in their callings.
  • I will be teaching English.
  • More will be added as we begin the business and hear what our clients, both foreigners and locals, want us to teach. But the options are endless, and we have the option to let other foreigners teach at our office as well. And they could teach anything, but we’ve considered dance, music, crafts, German, etc.

How This Business Will Help Orphan GirlsYunnan Family Consulting Office

We are hopeful that our business will do well enough that it can help fund our dream of having the farm in the future. And we also look forward to using our business as a “test site” for things we will be doing in the future, like teachings and trainings with the girls on the farm. We are intentionally building the business now with our future in mind so things we do down the road will be easier. We will already have seminars, teachings, and experience in things we will be doing from this season.

We have been searching for the right business location for the past month and finally found one we really like. We got the keys on Saturday and started immediately cleaning and getting it ready. I already have 3 classes lined up to begin. Asian people love Americans and want to learn English and our culture from an American, so we expect for me to be working many hours very soon.

At the United States EmbassyKevin is flew to the US Embassy last week to get some papers processed. We needed a stamp, so he could get a sticker, to prove our passports are official. Several hundred dollars spent to please the government. We have several steps that seem needless, but we are trusting that they will all work out and we will have the money. We have several more of these steps before we can officially open. Please ask for this to be as smooth as possible!

Next Steps to Get Our Business Operating

Kevin and I are having fun dreaming about the possibilities, choosing a paint color for our large main room, designing a logo, and getting ready to hire a local woman to help us since our language is still “bu hao” (not so good). She will return calls we receive from Chinese people wanting to come by or ask questions. And she will run errands for us as well. Owning a business is difficult enough in your own country, but having one in such a large city where we still don’t know where a lot of things are was too challenging to conquer. So please ask that we hire an honest and responsible local to help us.

Campaign to Start Our Chinese Business

Donate to Josiahs CovenantFor the last ninety days we have been running a campaign at in order to raise the necessary funds to start the business. The Chinese government told us we needed to have $50,000 ready to start the business. During our campaign we raised $33,500. We have been very pleased about how everyone has come alongside to help us raise this money. When we informed the government of how much we had, they said that this would be enough. We don’t have this in writing, but we are moving forward as if this was the provision of the capital needed. We are still need finances for our everyday living. We have averaged about $1,600 in donations a month for our $2,000 need since we have been here. You can help us by giving at Paypal ( and selecting the box to make it reoccurring.

We are setting up this business now with the goal of eventually having a farm so we can hire orphan teen girls. Therefore we will be able to run the company where we are now and have the farm as a field office under the same business structure. This will save us from setting up another business in the future and having to raise this money all over again. YFC could also hire the girls that have gone through our farm, creating a transition point for them back to the city.

This summer has felt like a sprint for us, and things have been moving quickly. Next month looks to be no different. Not only will we be setting up the office and starting to have new clients for YFC, but also starting the beginning of September we will have two interns coming to join us. We can’t wait to have them here and to introduce them to you.

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2 comments to “Starting the Business in Asia”
2 comments to “Starting the Business in Asia”
  1. This is great news! Wish I had the other $17,000 needed, but God will provide. For some reason I am not getting your emails, so please make sure I am on the list!
    Love, Dad

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