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Strengthening Families in Yunnan

Here is the edition we know you have all been waiting for, haha! We have a beautiful new office that we would love to share with you. The money from our campaign has made some of this possible, so thank you for sewing into it!

We have been busy all month cleaning out a very dirty and cluttered apartment, and making it clean and ready to open. It is finally ready, and we just have a few more touches to make it complete. I am already teaching English here and have done a counseling appointment. The office is very conducive to teaching, having meetings, seminars, etc.

Before and After Office

Please ask that we would have wisdom to know what He wants us to do with the space now that it is ours. Since being in Asia, we have averaged $2,000 in donations less than for what we have budgeted. God has somehow allowed this to work, but we know we can’t survive long-term on this. We hope this office will make enough money to supplement what we need to live on and eventually to help fund the farm where we will employ orphan teens. The dream is becoming a reality! Thanks so much for how you partnered with us, and we hope you enjoy this phase of the dream!

Oh, below is a video tour of the office and, here is a link to our Asian business website if you want to have a look:

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