Meet Our Expanded Team

Meet the new Josiah's Covenant TeamHappy fall to those of you above the equator! It has suddenly changed seasons here and does indeed feel like autumn.

Our season also changed suddenly with the appearance of these two brilliant people! This newsletter is to introduce you to our amazing interns who have given up nine months of their lives to come serve us, work with us, dream with us, and do life together. They have only been here a couple of weeks, but it has already made all the difference to our family and work here.

Meet Kathi KunzKathi Kunz Baking

First, meet Kathi from Switzerland. She is a wonderful, tenderhearted servant who loves people well. She has started making dinner for our family once a week, and we have enjoyed so many hours just hearing her heart, about her travels, and her dreams. She loves Asia and has been many places in Asia and Africa. We love Kathi’s heart for the nations, children, and orphans.

This year she will help us with many things, but as of now she is in charge of all things in the kitchen. She brought many kitchen supplies from Switzerland and bought many more here. She has beautifully set up a fully functional kitchen where we will be teaching cooking and baking classes in our new office. These classes will be the basis of future teachings we will give the orphan girls on the farm to help give them life skills. Kathi will be teaching these things and hopes to also work with children this year. She is a strong leader in the making, and we are honored to host, mentor and work her this year!

Meet David JönssonDavid Jonsson dancing

Secondly meet David from Sweden. (Yes, we are loving our European influenced team!) He is eager to learn, full of fun, and has many passions. We have been working together to narrow his focus because he has a beautiful and passionate heart for so many great things. He is a unique mix of being very deep and asking great questions, but also very fun and childlike when he plays with our kids, which they love. He adds a spark of youthful zest to our team.

David will be doing many things this year as well, but it looks like he will be helping us with our business budget, marketing, teaching art, and possibly be designing T-shirts for us as he has a heart for fashion. David has a wonderful calling, and we look forward to digging deeper into that and encouraging him to uncover more gifts.

Please remember our team and ask that David and Kathi would continue to adjust to their new surroundings. Thanks for being a part of our growing family’s journey!

With our growing team we can accomplish more and move quicker. We are excited about this next year together and appreciate all of your support and prayers. Please consider monthly donations to Josiah’s Covenant. Use the donate button below and then select the “make this reoccurring (monthly)” box. Thank you.

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