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New Season; New Challenges

New Season New Challenges

Happy Spring! Our weather here has been warm and sunny, and reminds us of newness of life as we see all the flowers and spring green plants. We are so thankful for seasons, and are thrilled that new life is what this season has been for us. Being in here is such a blessing and honor, and there’s no other place we would rather be in this season of our lives.

As you know, we got a farm last month. Since then we have been there a couple of times. Our most recent trip was with a few friends for the purpose to bless the land and buildings and to show our friends our Promised Land. Everyone loved it and said how beautiful it was. Our family felt so supported to have good friends come share in our joy with us. Besides saying how beautiful it was, the other comment we heard a lot was, “It will take a lot of work!” How true.

Dedication Pictures

I think we kind of go back and forth between, “Wow! This is great! Look how it’s all coming together!” and “Oh, my! This will take a long time to fix up! We are overwhelmed.” Both are true statements. Thankfully we don’t have to do it alone, and people are volunteering to help us, both locally and others from other countries. Our vision is becoming a reality, and we are so thankful that people and resources are coming to help sew into our dream.

Farm Visitors Combo

So logistically, we are currently getting estimates so we can start fixing the dorm up. We are also actively looking for someone to come live in the dorm. Until we have someone living there, we are hesitant to start construction because of all the vandalism. We don’t want to spend a lot of money just to have all of the work undone in a night.

On that note, we have a couple of leads of people interested to come live there and join our work. We also have a couple of interns potentially coming in the fall. Please remember us as we choose our team. We have been crying out for the right people, not just warm bodies. Team is so important and will either enhance or make our lives difficult, and our heart is to have people with us for the long term who love our family and carry our vision.

Farm Visitors

We really have a lot of decisions to make concerning our business, farm, team, and working with the government. So please remember us as we pursue wisdom. Thanks so much!

Here is a brand new video giving you a pictorial update. We hope you enjoy it!

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