Renovations Have Started

Happy Rainy Season! We are doing well here and running to keep up with all the changes and developments that are going on.

Renovation Collage

Farm Renovations

We hired a crew to do most of the renovations on the dorm and dining room area. All of the old broken bedroom doors have been replaced with beautiful wood doors that are safe and more secure. And we have new windows to replace all of the broken ones. All of the water pipes and wires that were broken or stolen have been replaced, so we have water and electricity now. And the dining room and kitchen area will start work in the next week or two. It’s all not in great shape, but it’s good enough for now until we can raise more money to cover the rest of the cost. You can see the progress so far on our Flickr album.

We have also hired security guards to be there around the clock to keep things safe. Everywhere in our country has security guards, so that’s just part of having property here.

Items Added to FarmGood Connections

Recently we have made several connections with people who work with orphans or left behind children. Left behind children are those who are technically not orphans because they have at least one living parent. But these kids’ parents “leave them behind” in the village so the parents can go work in the city.

As we have been talking with these new connections, we have been asking them many questions. It seems that everything we have been told the past few years is true, and that kids coming out of the orphanages don’t have a safe next step, or money to even pay for clothes so they can apply for a job. That’s why we are here. We want to give these children a safe place to live, work, and be cared for physically and emotionally. The government is doing all it can to help these children, and we want to serve them any way we can.

Current Needs

So with construction of this first phrase almost complete, we are ready to start buying furniture and accessories to make a place for people to come live there! It’s exciting, and we want to give you an opportunity to help us help them. Here’s a list of the first items we need to buy in the next few weeks, and we’d love for you to join the team. All money will be used to purchase these things. (We will add to the list in the months to come, but these are the immediate things we need.)

Click on the image below to be taken to the giving page at

Donation Shopping Cart
Josiah's Covenant Needs

Together we can all make a difference! Thanks so much for any donation no matter how big or how small. We’ll keep posting pictures to let you see what your efforts have been able to accomplish! Thanks in advance.

You can give directly to Josiah's Covenant here by either sending us a check to 6845 Rawson Road, Corning, CA 96021 or use the donate button below. Select the "make this reoccurring (monthly)" box if you are making a regular gift. Thank you.

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