Happy Redirections and Meetings

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

zhong qiu jie kuai le

We just recently celebrated the Moon Cake Festival in China. Our language school holds a party during this time of year to tell the history and share a meal with its students. (This is the same school that gave Allison opportunities to teach English to offset costs for our classes.) This party was a great way to meet other students and taste a variety of Chinese moon cakes.

This holiday is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, which may sound a bit strange. In the West September 23rd is the first day of Fall, but here in China we’ve had fall for almost two months now. There are certain things you just assume are universally true until you travel.

Unexpected Redirections

Recently we experienced the loss of a few things we have come to rely on. We’ve mentioned already the loss of our office in August and the delay of our interns arriving. This month Celeste, our Chinese assistant, decided to find another job because she didn’t want to live at the farm. Then our security guards at the farm decided to leave because the government gave them a house. All of these unexpected changes can become a source of discouragement for us. However, many good things have come from them.

With the loss of the office, we now have much lower expenses and a more concentrated focus on moving activities to the farm. Allison was able to keep most of her students when they returned from summer holidays and even pick up a couple more even though she’s teaching at home. And the loss of our Chinese assistant was more difficult, even though it was not on bad terms. We have come to rely on her for many things we cannot do with our limited language skills. Nevertheless by her departure, a door was opened for us to hire a new intern to get her here quicker.

Orphan Care Training

We are sending an intern to a training in Atlanta, Georgia by Lifeline Children Services. We met up here in China with one of their workers who is in the division of (un)adopted. We found we have a very similar goal in reaching orphans that go through the system without ever being adopted. They wanted to bless us with this training, a $100 weekend training.

Lifeline Children's Services Image

This training will be beneficial to our intern and us as it will give us information on understanding development, behavioral effects of trauma, neurochemistry changes, sensory processing disorder, behavioral change, healthy attachment, and other relevant issues in working with orphans. She will also get to stay with Whitney, the author of most of the curriculum, in order to get even more personal training during her stay. Would you like to join with Lifeline Children Services and also give to this intern’s training?

If we could get 6 people to give $50, we could cover her flight to the training.
This need has been met. Thanks to those who gave.

Happy Changes

We are very excited for these upcoming changes. Even in the end, Celeste still helps us out some as she has become part of our family and loves what we are trying to accomplish for girls who have no family. And, our security guards have decided not to leave, which we are also happy about. Each of these interruptions to what we expected caused us to look more to God and opened us up to greater provisions from Him.

Thank you for considering to help give to this intern’s training (which greatly helps all of us).


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