The Cavalry Has Arrived

Cavalry Has Arrived

Greetings from the Far East! The sun is still shining here which we are thrilled about since we don’t have central heat. Every day the sun shines is truly a gift when you depend on it to heat your home. The clouds will roll in any day and make it cold, so trust us… it’s a BIG deal!

The Calvary Had Arrived

Another thing we are thrilled about is that our team is finally here! Our new farm manager who speaks Chinese, arrived last week. We have had many hours meeting with her, bringing her up to speed with our work, setting schedules, introducing her to our network here, etc. Her job will be to manage the farm, employees, and girls. She will be teaching the girls, doing administrative things for our farm, translating, and many other things.

This new intern also went to Atlanta before coming to China where she received some fabulous training on orphan care and developmental issues from Lifeline Adoption Agency. This group found out about Josiah’s Covenant and has been so helpful to give us resources, information, and support on orphan care. They even want to come visit us in China soon.

God has been so faithful to provide the people we need, but also the resources we need to accomplish our task here to help orphans. We are aware that we have limited knowledge about orphan concerns, but we delight in His provision to help fill in the gaps where we are lacking. This new intern has also spent a lot of time teaching us what she learned at Lifeline, so we can work together to be sure the girls are well cared for when they arrive.

With this in mind, we are starting to set up boundaries and policies so the girls will know what’s expected of them in order to stay at our farm. And she is also starting to go through many hours of DVDs (all in Chinese) we purchased on life skills, women’s issues, and values/morals trainings to teach the girls.

Cass and Valerie

Not Just One, But Two

And we are also so excited that our second teammate arrived this week! Cass has a passion for healthy living and organic farming and will be overseeing the farming aspect of our work. She’s wanted to live on a farm since she was a girl, so she’s excited for this. She will also be teaching the girls English and art in the future since she has experience with art therapy and how that helps patients with trauma and mental disorders.

One other major aspect Cass will be working on for us is the business end of our lives. We are going to have days where Chinese people can come enjoy our farm, play Western games, do Western crafts, eat Western food, etc. The Chinese love getting out of the city and spending a day at a farm, and they also enjoy Western food and culture, practicing English, etc. So Cass will be overseeing this monthly project where we can get to know Chinese people and hopefully make money for our business and girls in the process.

So as you can see, things are really beginning to take shape. Please remember our team as we learn how to work together, be unified, and create a healthy family that the girls can step into once we start hiring them.

The Farm Residents

Investing in Reinforcements

These two will be living at the farm most days of the week. They will also be “holding down the fort” while our family goes back to the US for two months. We are so excited that our work here can continue without us even being here now that we have a great team.

Coming back to the States is a huge undertaking for a family of four as you might imagine. We need to rest, enjoy Christmas, visit with family and friends, raise funds for our family and work, and recruit more teammates to come join us. We hope to see many of you in NC and CA while we are there to catch up on life with you.

It’s been four years since we were in NC which seems like forever! And it’s been nearly three years since Kevin, Rachel and Elizabeth were in the US at all. The girls don’t remember much but are getting more excited because of the promise of Christmas presents. Otherwise they have a bit of fear and trepidation since it will be like new for them.

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Immediate Needs

We still could use a little more help getting back. If you have any frequent flier miles, we are still in need of some. Two people donated enough miles to get us from CA to NC, but we still need more miles to get from NC back to CA. Each ticket is $400, so your miles could allow money to go more directly to the work here in China.

Kevin and I are also in need of two unlocked iPhones to use in the US and China. They need to be in very good or new condition, and at least an iPhone 5 or 6 to ensure we can use it in China. We use the cameras on them all the time for making videos for our work, and we need them so we can use Internet in China to check email, get directions, and such to keep our work moving while we are not in our house.

If you can help with airplane miles or phones, please let us know! We would be most appreciative.

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