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Christmas Collage

Hello from North Carolina! We’ve been here since December 23rd and have had a wonderful time visiting family and resting so far. It’s so nice to be back with familiar surroundings, food, people, and culture. Here are some things that stand out so far:

  • People in NC are very friendly! It’s hard to go anywhere without having a conversation. After living in China where people aren’t as chatty (or at least so we can understand them), it’s a welcome change.
  • Driving here is a dream! The roads in Raleigh have been empty, there are easily accessible parking spaces free of charge, and there are no pedestrians or bikes jumping in front of us. Rachel says it’s boring and she prefers the jostling. ☺
  • The food here is different and so yummy. There’s a lot of variety with healthy options like salad. Again, it’s a welcome change from oily and salty noodles. We did offer our family some Chinese delicacies like chicken feet and red bean sweets.
  • We are warm, hallelujah! We were wearing so many clothes before coming and couldn’t get warm. But in NC right now it’s been in the 60s and 70s and the house is warm. This is perhaps my favorite thing so far (besides seeing family). It’s the little things that are easily taken for granted until they are not there anymore.

So what’s next? After we take a couple of more days of rest/Christmas celebration with Allison’s sister’s family, then we will start meeting with people to share about our work and just reconnecting with old friends. We are excited to catch up with people and hear what’s been going on since we moved away 6 years ago. If you will be in town, please reply to this email, we would love to connect.

Our two teammates are back in China plugging along at the farm. They are still there farming, trying to find caretakers, studying Chinese, and decorating the dorm. It’s great to have a team, even though small, that can keep things going while we are away.

Thank you to those of you who have donated funds, airline miles, food, etc. while we have been here. It’s been refreshing and necessary for our mental health. We haven’t had a vacation in nearly a year, and so it’s also just good for the four of us to reconnect after the busiest year of our lives.

If you would like to give a year-end gift to our family, trip, and work in China, we would appreciate it. All gifts are tax-deductible. We wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy and peace!

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