Other Ways We’ve Been Creating Family

Around the World in Last 30 Days

Other Ways Creating Family

This month Josiah’s Covenant is all over the world. Our interns are holding down the operations in China. Cass is attending a conference in Indonesia building out our connections and recruiting for more help. And the Shorters have been traveling in North Carolina, Virginia, and California creating awareness for the need to help teenage orphan girls (we will be in Redding, CA until Feb 19 then going back to China). Now that we have the farm ready for residents, we have a need for more people to join us to properly care for the orphan girls we will receive. If you or someone you know is interested in coming to China, please read our volunteer information.

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More About Our Chinese Business

This has been a different, yet productive month for us with our team so spread out. We are grateful for all of the new followers and friends. Over the last couple of years we have started and are running a Chinese business. This business will allow us to hire girls coming out of the orphanage system, and through this business we will give the girls job skills and life principles. You can find out more about this business and see pictures of what we have done in China through the business website, YunnanJiaren.com.

Creating Family for Men

mens group dinner 2015

Since we are all over the world this month, we thought we would share about another area we are offering hope and family while we have been in China – this time is towards men. Over the last two and half years, Kevin has been leading a men’s group in our city which has had over 30 men from around 15 different countries. It is a weekly time for men to come together and be known and encouraged. This has been one of the highlights of his time in China and has helped to keep him focused while the pressures of paperwork, renovations, and governmental organizations were becoming frustrating. Here are some thoughts from Dave one of the men in the group:

“Men’s group, over the last couple of years, has been a unique experience in my life. I’ve been a believer for 28 years and on the mission field for 16 years of that time. Involved in in various churches, ministries, teams and organisations, there has always been something missing. I didn’t know how to articulate exactly what was missing until I experienced men’s group.

Men’s group has been a place to take risks and be vulnerable in an environment of love and encouragement. When I first started I was told that it would a place to bring out the things that I don’t like about myself (or that I thought God didn’t like) and to still be accepted. This has proved to be true time and time again, both for me and also for many of the guys. To me the environment of men’s group is a reflection of the Father’s heart. A place to be known, accepted and loved for who I am, without judgment.

Men’s group is also a place I can understand myself better, a place to develop identity and understand my core values. This environment has also helped train me to listen and to be a part of drawing out the best from other guys. I have seen the power of a great question to move people from the surface to deeper places.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that Kevin pioneered this men’s group. Looking back I see that this is something we each desperately needed, but didn’t now how to obtain. Because of the life and the gift of encouragement Kevin carries, there has been a huge deposit of the love and goodness of God in each of our lives. He has given us a taste of the good things available to us as sons as we open our hearts to one another and become known. His own openness and transparency has encouraged me to share deeper and reveal more of my own heart. I couldn’t have done this without men’s group. Men’s group has left a legacy in our lives. We will never be the same.

Thanks Kevin for bringing men’s group to us. You have activated an environment of gold with eternal significance for us all.”

Here are a few more comments from other men:

  • “What I have learned in the men’s group has helped me to minister to other people. In the past I doubted about my identity in Christ, and was quite negative about myself in some areas. However, after joining the men’s group, I am different.”
  • “Men’s group taught me how to hear God’s voice and see how He sees His children.”
  • “God used the men’s group to save my marriage and plant new faith in my heart.”
  • “Men’s group has helped re-kindle my desire to hear the voice of God in order to bless others.”

Family is an important concept for us at Josiah’s Covenant. We see family as a place to be yourself, know you are loved, and feel you can accomplish anything. We love practicing family with everyone we come across knowing the orphan girls will benefit from the development of this skill.

Thank you for your support and belief in what we doing.

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