The Girls are Here


It’s been another crazy yet wonderful whirlwind of a month. Our first two girls who have been orphaned (“gifts” as we call them) arrived on March 31. So this month our team has been adjusting to a new schedule, new way of life, and trying to figure out how to best meet the girls’ needs. We’ve been adjusting policies and setting up rewards and consequences all while keeping our love on no matter what behavior they are exhibiting.

Caregivers Training


We’ve also been trying to apply the amazing information we received from Lifeline Children’s Services called “Caregivers Training.” The two trainers came all the way from America to our farm the beginning of April and gave us such great information and understanding about where orphaned girls have come from and how to help them overcome extreme brokenness caused by not having parents. It was a full two days and a lot to take in, but necessary and so helpful for our team to learn about.



The Lifeline caregivers training was for our team, but we also had a really helpful training for the girls this month. Shine is a values-based curriculum out of Australia, and an Aussie friend volunteered to bring a translator and go through this information with our teens. She educated them in a fun and interactive way on their value as people, respecting themselves and others, safety, boundaries, knowing who to trust, and she also taught on how to not be trafficked and what to look for in a trafficker. The girls said they really enjoyed it, and we know they learned a lot from it that will hopefully keep them safe and help them develop healthy relationships in the future as well.

Dream Fulfilled

The Girls are Here

Besides all of the trainings, adjustment and learning curve, it’s been a wonderful season of dreams being fulfilled. As many of you know, I (Allison) have wanted to help Chinese orphan girls for 27 years. Having the girls in our care is such an honor, and I’m still in shock that we are finally able to help them after so many years. I love listening to them practice English, try new things, watch our family, play with our daughters, clean dorm rooms, etc. My heart bursts with love for them, and we are all so happy they are with us.

We invited the girls to our house to spend the night recently as well, and all 6 of us had such a fun time. There was a lot of laughter as they practiced riding a bike, baking bread, playing Wii, and trying new foods. They bring so much richness to our lives!

Sponsor a Girl

We look forward to hopefully receiving more girls in the near future! Would you like to help us make this possible? We currently only have enough donations to cover one of the girl’s salaries. Once we gain enough support for both of them we want to look for more girls to come live at the farm and work with us. Please click the link below if you’d like to sponsor a girl, and please and share this need with your friends!

Sponsor an Orphan You will need to have a Paypal account to setup this monthly giving. If you want to sign up for more than one $50 slot, you can go back and checkout more than once.

Upgrades to the Farm

Gate and Gate

Along with getting girls and our adjustment, it’s also caused us to up our security a lot. We’ve added a fence to keep strangers from wandering or driving through our farm, which happened quite a bit. We’ve also added a gate in the dorm to keep visitors from being able to get to their floor. We want them to feel safe and have a place to escape if they feel threatened, so they know the top floor is now safe and their room is their haven. So again, if you’d like to make a donation to upgrades on the farm, that would be most helpful.

Thanks for your partnership in helping these beautiful gifts. They are a blessing, and we couldn’t be here without your generous donations and prayers for them and us!

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