What Happens When Orphans Age Out?

Leaving the Orphanage Survey

With the help of our Azusa Pacific Intern over the summer, we put together a short survey to determine the awareness levels of what happens to orphans when they leave the orphanage (you can take the survey here). Many of you took part of this campaign, for which we are thankful. As we continue to plug away here in China, we thought it would be good to give more information on what is the general outcome for these children.

Most data on orphans is limited to just how many are in the orphanages or how many adoptions are finalized. However there is one study in Russia that gives a good insight on what happens to many when they leave the orphanage. While we can’t say these numbers are exact for every country, or even here in China, it does give a good indicator to the problems the orphans face.

What Happens When They Age Out?

Aged Out Orphans Infographic Cropped
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Said Good Bye

Josiah's Covenant Team

This month we said goodbye to many people. Babs and Brandyn finished up their summer internship and are back in California. Andrea finished her three month commitment and has gone back to Switzerland. And Celeste, our long-time assistant and translator here, will soon go back to her hometown in the north of China.

Each one of these individuals has been a huge asset to us. Their leaving has been sad. Summer is a time of transition, but we can’t wait to see what is ahead.

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