We Are Called Into a Family

Called into a family

Many Businesses Seek to Create a Family Atmosphere

Getting a new employee or staff always takes work and costs money, so companies work hard to retain the employees they have. Starbucks, Marriott, and Southwest are some of the many companies mitigating this risk by instituting a family atmosphere within the workplace. This strategy of creating a family works as it promotes friendship within the company. The employees feel a part of something more than just a job. It becomes harder to break away when other opportunities come because you are not just starting over at a new company, but you are in some ways breaking ties with your friends.

Employees are enticed by these family initiatives because most of us no longer live in the same town we grew up in or in the same city we went to university. We find is harder and harder to make friends and to feel like someone actually knows what is going on in our world. For some the church provides some of this, but the majority of people are isolated from others and their work wants to fill that void.

While I’m sure this is just a tactic for some companies, the good ones are providing something real and valuable for their employees, something more than their employees were already receiving. With all this said, this is not why our focus is in creating a family.

We Have Been Created to be in a Family

Before it was a business tactic, family was God’s intention for us. God had babies born into a family. Not that only married people have babies, but his intent was for a couple to be so in love and committed to each other that children would be an expression and overflow of that love.

Family is where God intends us to derive our worth, value, and identity. The child looks into the parents’ eyes for the awareness of security, sense of love, and feeling of protection. The child has done nothing but be utterly dependent on the parents, but finding themselves completely loved teaches them that their value is not in what they do. They truly are special, precious, and wanted. Unfortunately not every child has this experience.

Kids without parents are constantly seeking this approval. It doesn’t really matter how many skills we add into their lives, if they don’t find this approval they will never feel satisfied or secure. They will always be waiting for people to leave them… for people to reject them.

The Orphan Girls We Get Need a Family

That’s what happened to the orphaned girls we had. They loved learning English (and were learning it fast). We had several trainings, experiences, and connections for them. However each time they broke one of the rules, they went to their room to pack. They expected to be rejected and sent away.

It takes time and intentionally for a new family to heal the wounds of the past. Those carrying the pain need to see and walk through experiences that they fear will cause separation to find out they will still be accepted. This is the greatest need of the orphan.

Join Our Family

Creating a Family of Staff for Teenage Orphan Girls

Josiah’s Covenant looks to give teenage orphan girls jobs, job skills, life skills, and anything that will help them make a life for themselves. But each of these things are just extras to the deeper need of acceptance. We are here in China to create a family of teenage orphan girls where they can experience the truth that they are special, precious, and wanted.

We are at a point where we need more staff in order to bring in orphan girls again. Right now we have the facility ready, we have the policies in place, and we have everything we need to run, except we need more long-term staff. We are developing strategies to build this out, but if you are interested in investing in the lives of orphans in China and if you feel you can be family with them, please let us know you are interested in finding out more using our contact us page.

How to Give to Josiah’s Covenant


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