California Recruiting Trip


Happy Mid Autumn Festival! We love how different the Chinese holidays are from our American ones.

Mid Year Review


Ever since we got back to China from the US in February there has been a lot of transition with many people and teams coming and going. We have had four teammates stay longer than a month, another four stay for one month, 100 people during this time came for a week, and two orphaned girls were with us for a couple months. Initially we didn’t want to take on orphaned girls as quickly as we did, but as our team prayed we felt it was the right time.

We really count it a blessing to have hosted these gifts (girls) because we learned so much from that time. We learned:

  1. Mistakes in our team building process.
  2. From Lifeline how caretakers can be easily triggered once they start caring for people and issues suddenly emerge from wounds in caretakers’ lives.
  3. About emotional needs of orphaned girls, and things to say and things not to say to them.
  4. How our policies worked out.

And the list goes on and on.

How We Are Moving Forward

Due to the huge learning curve, we have spent the last couple of months re-evaluating our methods, our team selection process, and how we can move forward from what we have learned. With this in mind, we have decided to write new training material for all new staff.

This material will express our heart for working with teenage orphaned girls and how to effectively help any person you are serving. This will help new staff coming know to what they are committing, and it will be designed in such a way that we will get to know those volunteers as well. The intent will be to create a transition period for any future worker between
the “who are you” stage and “we are now working full-time together” stage. This way all of us will know what we are getting ourselves into.

California Recruiting


Since we will be writing extensive training materials and we currently don’t have any girls, we are making our yearly trip back to the States in October. We will go up the coast of California, writing this new material, maintaining partnership connections, and hopefully recruiting more helpers (We can’t get more teenage orphan girls without more helpers).

Two Options

Visits back to the States are always very expensive for our family. And with many days on the road, we are looking for both alternative and economical ways to be there in order to do our work. All told we will be there around 80 days. An average hotel room in California for our family is around $125 a night, so that would be $10,000 just for that expense. A rental car for that time is around $2,400.

Another option is to buy a used 5th wheel RV and a used pick up truck instead of a hotel and rental car. The least expensive ones we can find online seem to be around $6,000 a piece ($12,000 total) and can be either sold at the end of our time or kept for future trips back to the States.

Let’s Get More Volunteers

Would you consider giving a gift of $50? Your gift would help us get back to the US for work this fall and go towards an RV and pick-up truck for our family. And if you or a friend have one of these items you would like to donate to us, please let us know! (Even non-cash donations to Josiah’s Covenant are tax exempt.) We will be starting our trip in LA in October. you can give here.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, love, prayers and any help you can give. We couldn’t be in China without each of you!


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