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Hello California

our new home

Greetings from the USA. This is an interesting time to be back in America with all of the political activity and confusion. Still we love our country and have enjoyed seeing many kind and good people.

We have been in California for a few weeks and have traveled from South to North in the 5th wheel RV we mentioned last month. In three separate cities, we have shared what we are doing for Chinese orphans and are heading down to San Francisco this month for some time there, as well. We have been encouraged meeting with people and remember all that has been done.

Let’s See the Farm

Since being back and talking to many of you already, we have realized that some people don’t have a good understanding of the farm we were given in China. We made this short video to show it to you – the work we have done and the opportunities it gives us.

Please take a moment to watch this short video. Making this video reminded us of how many people have helped pull this together. We have had many groups representing several countries putting sweat equity to get the farm up and running. We have also had several donors give to create a livable space to help the teenage girls.

We Are Looking for a Team

Before leaving China we met with a leader of a foster care system to the west of us. She stated again that she believes in what we are doing and has girls ready to send as soon as we can receive them.

That means that we need a team.

This week we had a Chinese couple express interest in living on the farm and helping us. They are a wonderful couple we have known since the beginning of the summer who are trained in counseling. We have gotten to know them well because it is their parents that are our caretakers looking after the farm, animals, and general upkeep of the farm you helped put back together.


We are still in discussions with this couple, so nothing is definite. They would be a great addition if things work out. They have worked with foreigners before and understand what we are trying to accomplish in giving family to the girls coming out of the orphanage.

New Training Material

We are still moving ahead with writing training material for new staff and others who want to give their lives to helping other people. Some of the topics of this training are:

1.  How to Give Lasting Help
2.  How to Trust in the Goodness of Man
3.  How to Have Empathy Without Losing Hope
4.  How to Consistently Love Others
5.  How to Believe the Best in Others
6.  How to Not Burn Out
7.  How to Protect Yourself from the One You’re Helping
8.  How to Lead Others to Know Who They Are
9.  How to Break Off Shame
10. How to Work on a Team

These are just some of the over forty lessons we are developing. This is unlike anything else we have seen to prepare people for social work, counseling, pastoring, parenting, or other fields where you can enter to help people.

True Life Change

In the overall scheme of things, we can give girls a place to live and job skills but never touch the deep pains that really drive them. We can give them opportunity after opportunity just to watch them try to sabotage each opportunity again and again because of how they really view themselves. This type of behavior doesn’t make intellectual sense, but if we want to give real help, we need to believe in the system that says love overcomes fear and kindness leads to a changed life.

kindness changed life

We have several people who have shown interest in coming to this training in the spring. They all have a great grasp of Mandarin, so they can easily transition to helping girls if they decide to come on board.

There are a lot of uncertainties we are currently moving forward on. The couple we mentioned earlier, the potential students to the training, and others coming to join us. If you are of faith, pray for our next couple months that things come together so we can start taking in these girls waiting for such an opportunity as this.

Help With This Trip

Also buying the RV and truck to tow it cost about $14,000. We’ve also had many repairs on the RV as it is 20 years old. We believe this is an investment in what we are doing, saving costs for rental cars and hotels in the future. While we have had a number gifts toward these purchases, we are still several thousand short. If you would like to help offset the cost of this recruiting trip, it would be most appreciated. And all gifts are tax deductible.

Thanks for partnering with us to help Chinese orphan girls!

one time gift

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