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What We are Thankful for!

Merry Christmas from the US! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, and in this season we can’t stop giving thanks for so many things.


We are being provided for in so many amazing ways in this season back in California. We have connected with many old friends and have made several new friends as well.

Another thing we are really thankful for is the huge and helpful homeschool community in Redding. There are hundreds of homeschool families and resources too many to number. It’s totally different from homeschooling in China, and a much welcomed change. We have met lots of families, asked lots of questions, and are getting the kids what they need in terms of books and such that are hard to get living in China. And the kids have really enjoyed playing with their new homeschooled friends at parks, in homes, and in classrooms.

As you may recall, we came back to the US to reconnect with people after being in the Chinese countryside rather alone for a few months. And we also want to try to recruit a team to come join in our work to orphaned girls. Until we get a team, there really isn’t much work to do in China.

Update on Local Staff

help-us-help-themLast month we mentioned a local Chinese couple that was considering joining our work at the farm. We went back and forth several times with them before finally the beginning of this week we all decided that it would not work out.

We feel good about this decision and even better that it appears the miscommunication in the process has not broken the relationship. However, this outcome has set us back. As we mentioned we cannot receive orphaned girls until we build out our team. We felt this couple could move us ahead more quickly.

For now, we are exploring what are the next steps. We have a farm ready to go, we have a plan in place for helping orphaned girls, and we have a source of orphaned girls we can hire to work. However, we need a team.

Our next steps are to continue to write the training curriculum, which we have completed ten hours worth of material. After Christmas Kevin will go back to China for a few weeks to take care of some business and the farm. As we work on the next steps about how to move forward, we will stay in the US to build up our daughters’ schooling and fill in the gaps that were missed while in China.

IRS Approved Our 501c3

Finally, some of you had not heard that in August the IRS has officially approved our 501c3 to receive tax-exempt donation. Our supporters have always been able to give tax-free because of our partnership with Revive San Francisco, but now all tax donations receipts can come directly through Josiah’s Covenant.

As we close out the year, would you consider giving an extra year-end gift to Josiah’s Covenant of $75, $100, or $250? Paypal is not taking any administration fees from gift through this link:

You can also make checks out to:

Josiah’s Covenant
c/o Jeff Veal
6845 Rawson Road
Corning, CA 96021

We are very thankful for your partnership with us. We hope you have a very wonderful Christmas.

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