Time in America

Our Stay in the USA

Our Stay in the USA

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with loved ones and are looking forward to a new year with hearts full of hope. I know 2016 has been a difficult year for many, and it’s in seasons like this that we are extra grateful for a fresh new year.

Our time in Redding has been fruitful, restful, and different than what we expected. We bought the RV to stay in for November and December, and we have stayed in it for several weeks off and on. But we’ve also been given a few different houses to care for while the families are away for the holidays, so these blessings of staying in homes with heat, fully stocked kitchens, and space have been a welcomed surprise. Moving every couple of weeks isn’t ideal, but it’s been fun overall, and we are so grateful for this provision for our family.

Christmas in the USA

Christmas in USA

Our family is now really comfortable with and enjoys international community after living abroad, so we spent Christmas Eve with a house full of internationals. Most people were new to us, representing nations such as Namibia, Australia, Switzerland, Romania, China, etc. Even though we are all from different cultures, food and Christmas were the commonality. There was laughter, encouragement, and joy as the nations gathered. And it was our daughters’ first time playing White Elephant, which they really enjoyed as well.

Then Christmas Day the four of us stayed home, ate waffles, read the Christmas story, watched a Christmas movie, decorated a gingerbread house, and things like that. These simple things mean so much after living overseas and help anchor our family in our American traditions that are important to us.

Christmas Duck

Plans Back in China

Kevin will be back in China taking care of some business in January while the kids and I stay in Redding to continue on with home school. We feel like we should stay in Redding longer since we still don’t have a team, but we don’t know how much longer. We are up in the air about some details and just waiting for things to become clearer before settling somewhere.

In China, Kevin has plans to meet with several people interested in helping at the farm. We are hoping Kevin’s time in China will shed some light on our options as to how to move forward. We are excited about this coming year even though we are still unclear about the particulars.

Plans Back in China

Making It All Work

And we are grateful for your support and love during this past year. All of the transition our family has been through was made easier because of your encouragement throughout the process. It is important that we haven’t felt abandoned or alone. You are a blessing to us.

We wish you an extraordinary year for 2017.


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