New Team Members

Quick Trip to China

Last week Kevin returned from three weeks in China. He was there managing business affairs, strengthening partnership ties, and attempting to find people to move to the farm.

Jeff, the leader of our advisory board, went with Kevin for the first 10 days of the trip. Not only did he get to see first-hand the progress that has been made, he also installed lights, moved furniture, and helped interview potential staff.

Kevin and Jeff

Review of Options

By the end of the trip, Kevin had met with a few potential staff. One flew down from Beijing, who found Josiah’s Covenant because we were the only ones she found helping orphans make that transition to life on their own in China. In the end, we came back to the option we originally had back in the fall.

In the November update, we mentioned the potential of a Chinese couple coming to live at the farm. They are trained in counseling, love helping others, and have a growing heart for orphans. We have developed a wonderful relationship with them, and it is their parents that are the caretakers at the farm.

In December, the process to bring them onboard stalled. Meeting again with them last month in person brought everything back together and developed an even deeper working relationship. We couldn’t be happier for these turn of events.

Introducing Our New Staff

David and Phoebe

We are proud to announce that David and Phoebe will move to the farm to be the primary caretakers of future teenage orphaned girls at the farm. They will also start to build a team of local staff to help in the care of these girls. While they have a large network of volunteers from which to pull, their success in this area will need providential help.

When we left for China four years ago, we felt that we were to get a farm to be able to house and help teenage orphaned girls. It was a wild dream that was absurd and growing more absurd the more time spent in China understanding how things worked there. Miraculously, we actually were given a farm. In a day’s span, we went from wondering how it would happen to going to see what would become our dream fulfilled. We feel we are again at the precipice of another miracle.

Having David and Phoebe join Josiah’s Covenant is a huge win for us. On our own, we could not have found local staff that are already well-trained and desiring to see what we have dreamed. We are overwhelmed by how this has come together. We know more pieces are needed, but this was very important.

Our New Roles

With some stability given to the farm in China, we are turning to our new roles in the US. Kevin and I will continue to give oversight with how to help the girls we will receive. We will be in constant communication with David and Phoebe as leaders of Josiah’s Covenant so they can focus gathering the team and being ready to receive more girls.

David and Phoebe 2

While we always had enough money in China, support was an on-going work. Between writing regular communications, updating online giving methods, and maintaining proper accounting, this took significant time away from what we were doing in China. Still, this was very necessary to keeping the work moving forward.

A major portion our new role will be as ambassadors to the helping of teenage of orphan girls. We will be creating more awareness to what we are doing and raising more finances, so we can take in more girls and have more staff to care for them. We have poured our savings into this dream, but in order to keep it going, we will need more people to join in.

How You Can Help

Many of you are already giving to this work. This week we sent out the donation receipts for your tax returns, and we hoped to express our intense gratitude for your gifts. We know many of you have sacrificed to get Josiah’s Covenant this far.

Now that we are back stateside but continuing our work in China, we are actively looking for places to share the opportunities of protecting orphaned girls and share the miracles that have taken place to get us this far. Do you know someone, a church, or civic group that is interested in helping them? Please reply to this email and let us know. We could really use your help in getting the word out. If you can line up some contacts and places for Kevin to stay, he can come to you.

Come to You

We are very happy with the progress of the last few weeks. We hope you will celebrate with us. There is more to come!

Thank you for all your support, love, and prayers.

I Want to Help Chinese Orphans By Regularly Giving


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One comment to “New Team Members”
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