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Greetings from California. This last month Allison and I got an apartment from where we will be basing Josiah’s Covenant for the next year. We have started calling many of you to give updates on what’s next and where we are. Through these conversations, we want to make a few things clear:

  1. We still have a farm in China and are looking to build out a team to start getting more teenage orphaned girls.
  2. We have hired a Chinese couple (whom we introduced last month). They are already at the farm and have started recruiting new team members.
  3. They already have two women committed to joining them part-time.
  4. We still have a source for the teenage orphaned girls when the team in China is ready.
  5. We are working closely with the team there but have moved back to the States. One of the reasons is the financial situation was not at a place to keep everything running. Being in the States allows us to build connections and create a healthier financial situation for Josiah’s Covenant for the long term.
  6. Many activities are still going on at the farm as we build up staff and finances for the teenage orphaned girls.

Australian Team at Farm

Update on the Work in China

I hope this list is helpful in following our progress. It has been exciting talking to David and Phoebe in China and hearing about what is going on at our farm. There was a group from Australia putting in new toilets and creating a garage to park the e-bike and e-trike. A few local groups have come to have retreats at the farm. And they persuaded a couple of people from other parts of China to come find a needed rest at the farm.

David and Phoebe are doing a wonderful job keeping the farm active and allowing it to benefit so many people. These activities have helped their recruiting efforts for new team members and provide opportunities to help future girls we will get.

Your support has benefited more than just the orphaned girls. David and Phoebe are building patterns of creating families with so many different people. These patterns will make grooves and a culture for the orphaned girls to quickly receive from them.

Meals at the farm

Update on the Shorters

Last month we had a friend from China visiting us. She is actually from Australia, but we met her in China where she has developed a community center to reach out to underprivileged children. It was a great encouragement having her here. She wrote the following note endorsing our work.

Community Center in China

The Shorter family became my family in China. We have holidayed together, eaten together, prayed together, laughed and cried together; we have intentionally done life together.

Allison and Kevin started calling out the destiny and giftings that God has placed in my life, in ways no one had before, and deposited what they had learned, asked key questions at timely points in my life, and encouraged me to be the best me.

They gave me confidence to start the work to local children. They encouraged me to start a group in the international community for women to wanting more of God. And, they constantly remind me that God is intimately involved with my life.

I love their vision for family, and the way they do family with their children, and those around them. As a family, they eat together, pray for each other, and encourage and train their daughters to walk in the giftings God has given. In the same way, their heart is to provide an environment where others can flourish and become all God has designed and destined them to be.

Anyone who enters their environment gets an invitation to become family, in a real and intentional way. The fruit of this has been life giving and life changing for me. It has changed the way I do life and view my work. I feel more confident in chasing the dreams God has placed in me.

Shorters with Carmel

Give to Carmel’s Work

As you can tell we love Carmel very much. She has loved us and our kids and is a great encouragement to us. Your support of Josiah’s Covenant has already impacted her life, but we want to make the opportunity more direct.

We have set up the account number, 0109, for Carmel if you would like to give to her work. It is another way you can bless kids in China. You can just give to Josiah’s Covenant and write on the memo line (or as a note if online giving) how much to go to her, e.g. account: 0109 – $250.

We Need a Car

Now that we have a permanent home, we have parted ways with the RV and will shortly sell the truck. They were an incredible safety net as we bounced around many different places for four months this fall and winter. Now that we are more stable, we are looking for better gas mileage (the truck gets around 6-8mpg), something that can fit in an average parking space, and a reliable starter (the truck has recently stalled at intersections).

We need to find something reliable very soon. Allison no longer feels safe driving the kids in the truck. When we left for China, we sold our van and used that money, along with your support, to build the work for the orphaned girls. Now that we are back in the US, we are hoping for God to replace that which we lost. If you know of anything or would like to give a special gift toward its purchase, please let us know.

Family is important to us. One of the major drivers for us to reach these orphaned girls is to give them a family. Our goal is to create family wherever we go. Thank you for impacting so many lives by partnering with us.

How to Give to Josiah’s Covenant


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