Introducing Phase Three

Will One of These Be Future Staff?

This week we have had 15 locals from across China come start a three-month stay at our farm. Unlike most Chinese, they did not come looking for ways to advance their careers or make more money. They are coming for training on how to serve others.

New Group at Farm

While we technically are just giving a location for their training, these next few months give us excellent exposure to a group of people who may want to stay and serve the vision of helping teenage orphan girls.

Building our team is the prime initiative for our staff at the farm. We need two more full-time staff before we invite more orphans to come to the farm.

Social Organizations Facing Difficulties

This month some bad news about social organizations in China, who are helping foster orphans, came to the surface. The reports are 20 kids died within 49 days at one care center. I don’t know the details of what happened, but the ramifications are that all foreign run care centers are being scrutinized.

Foreign friends of our organization, who have a care center in another province, had all of their kids removed from their care and sent back to the state-run orphanage. A second care center, which is near us, has been allowed to keep several special needs kids but has not been given as many as before.

Both care centers need to figure out what they will do with their local staff. The second one has asked if we had need for one of their staff couples.

We Are A Different Type of Company

We took a different approach entering into China. We created a local business so we could hire teenage orphan girls. As a business, we could provide a place to live for our employees, set up employee training to improve their work, and give a living wage to improve their self-worth.

Different Business Model

As such, our work for teenage orphan girls is an overflow of improving the lives of our employees. Your support of us gives life to our girls, our staff, our clients, and so many more families and individuals. We are a business that seeks to do social good in China.

Can We Pay The Foster Care Couple?

The offer of the staff couple from our friends’ care center can help us greatly. We will need to interview them and see if they even want to come to work for us. But if we keep to their current pay scale, we will need to raise $600 monthly to pay for them. Please let us know if you would like to provide for the hiring of these caregivers.

New Caretakers at Farm

What Are The Long-Term Plans?

This year we started in on the third phase of Josiah’s Covenant. It is such an exciting and yet kind of scary time. Our family moved back to the US trusting the in-country work to our Chinese staff. Handing off your work to locals is the goal of everyone who wants to see significant long-term success in another country. So this is a celebration.

JC - Timeline (2017)

Let us know if you would like a copy of the business plan, so you can see how things will move forward from here. It is more detailed than many of you will want to read, but take a glance and know your investment is going to help the lives of many orphan girls in the future.

In front of the plan is a one-page executive summary. If you don’t have time to read the whole plan, at least take in that page. Your informed prayers and financial contributions are crucial to the success of Josiah’s Covenant.

We’d Love to Hear From You

We have connected with many of you the last couple months. It has been great to catch up and to be updated in your life story. We’d love to hear from more of you. Each of you is a blessing to us. You can always reply to this email to share with us what is going on. We are grateful for your investment in Josiah’s Covenant. Thank you!

How to Give to Josiah’s Covenant


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