The Heart of a Father

The Heart of a Father

Tomorrow my dad (Kevin’s) is moving to an assisted living facility. His mind has been slowly going away for a couple of years and no longer remembers who I am.

While it has been strange to consider the effects of my dad getting older, I have been glad to have him growing up. He spent hours with my brother and me outside teaching us sports and playing games with us.

He was a jokester and had a corny sense of humor which Allison wished I wouldn’t have learned. While doing chores around the house, he would make up silly songs, usually about my mom. He was generally a fun person to be around.

While he is not the same now, I’m grateful for having him.

Enjoyment of Life

We want to give teenage orphan girls in China opportunities to have a father figure. We want them to have a healthy male figure to love and care for them.

Fathers ideally instill into their children that they will be provided for, that they will be protected, that they have a purpose, and that they will enjoy life. Mothers ideally instill comfort, love, and a belief in the basic good in one’s self.

Obviously, there can be some crossover, but the orphans are missing both the fathers and mothers.

Family for Orphans

That’s why we are creating a place where they can find family, as well as a job, skills training, and place to live.

If you find you want to do more to help girls who will be coming to us, please reply to this email to let us know. There are many ways to help from writing articles, spreading awareness, designing shirts, keeping financials, grant writing, booking events, etc. Let’s all help to create a family for these lovely young ladies who are yet to come.

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