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Those Who Go

Those Who Go

Happy Fourth of July

For all of you who are US citizens, happy fourth of July. It is the time of year we celebrate the founding of the country and remember those that have helped create and protect it. My (Kevin’s) dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather all served in the military. They saw it as a privilege to volunteer for the preservation of our country to help spread peace in the world.

Each of these men in my family made it back home and had long lives. However, the awful truth is that some of those that served don’t make it back or have suffered greatly for having gone.

Realities For Those That Go

This reality stands out to me recently as a few friends of ours are struggling having come back from China and other nations. Just like Allison and I, these families packed up everything they had in hopes and dreams of making better lives for hurting people. They volunteered to serve overseas, and now they are back home and are the ones hurting.

One unfortunate side effect of compassionate people is they often care more for other people than they do for themselves. They give so much to others that they are often empty when they get home. Slowly the belief that their issues don’t matter as much as those they are trying to help begin to manifest. Over time they suffer, their marriages suffer, and their children suffer.


David and Phoebe

David and Phoebe, our staff in China, are extremely compassionate people. They have so many tools and have a big heart for others. We are helping them put habits in place to make sure they take care of themselves, so this belief doesn’t happen to them.

They are trying to establish a date night. Every time they try, someone inevitably interrupts wanting them to do something for them. David and/or Phoebe go to help that person only to find that once again they didn’t spend time with one another. It’s subtle how our time is stolen from us.

Kevin and Allison

Allison and I recently celebrated our 20 year anniversary. We love each other and feel overwhelmed by how wonderful our family is. Still, we know the casualties and don’t think we are above it.

Fifteen years ago we came back from a year living in Turkey. Upon returning, we separated. It was a painful, scary time, and we can only say that God helped us find our way through to get us back together.


Good Marriages Are Important For Our Work

Marriage can be extremely hard. Two people with their own dreams, desires, and values coming together trying to create one life moving in the same direction. There are a lot of compromises and a lot of work, but in the end, it is worth it. Together, Allison and I can do much more together than we can apart.

If we are going to create a family for teenage orphaned girls, we need to maintain our family well. David and Phoebe also need to have a healthy marriage to invite these girls into the love they create.

There are many casualties in the world of caregiving. We are fighting for the safety of ourselves and those we love. Please pray for us and our team. And, if you are married, please take time this week to do something to strengthen your marriage and family. We appreciate each of you so much.

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