Training for Equipping the Caregivers

Addressing the Heart

Giving Tools Without Addressing the Heart, Delays Healing

When we went to China to help teenage orphaned girls, we saw some of the felt needs they had. Once an orphan turned 18 years old, there was no more money given from the State to care for them. In turn, most orphanages would open their doors and let them go.

Even though there is universal education in China, most orphans don’t get past 12 years old in school because of no one pushing them to succeed. This severely limits the opportunities for work and and forces them to take care of themselves. The majority of orphaned girls who age out of the system end up on the street and are vulnerable to being picked up by sex traffickers.

The felt needs of these girls are jobs and education, so we have created a system of skills training to help give these teenage girls a transition from the orphanage to the real world. But, is having a training system satisfying their needs?

No matter how much training we give, they would still be orphans. They needed more than educations; they needed a family. To supply this, we decided we needed to create some training material to help our staff give proper care to these girls.

Caregivers Equipped

Are Caregivers Equipped to Give to Others?

According to Today’s Caregiver Magazine, 66.7 million Americans are caregivers. These are people who give of themselves to others to provide a service or help. The majority are family members that take care of loved one who can’t take care of themselves. But, there are also teachers, day care workers, social workers, nurses, counselors, pastors, etc.

Caregivers hold up the good in our world. Most are freely giving of their services, and the ones that are paid are often getting paid lower than the average worker. The reward of a caregiver is more than financial. However, many caregivers lose focus of their motivation. The joy of serving is forgotten, and caregiving becomes a job – a low-paying, demanding job that steals away energy from the rest of their lives.

Academy of Powerful Caregivers

The Academy of Powerful Caregivers

This past week we finished the course for the Academy of Powerful Caregivers, the training we created for our staff. We have made it available to everyone, as we feel it will empower many caregivers to know they are valuable. Since you have encouraged us along the way, we are making the course available for free this week for you.

The link for the Academy of Powerful Caregivers is At the checkout, there is a place to put the code: JC-2017. When you put that in, you will see the price change to $0. This offer is good for 4 days, expiring this Sunday, 10/15.

Powerful Caregiver Sale-JC

Thank You for the Care

Speaking of encouraging us, many of you reached out to Allison last month. Your words of comfort and prayers were a comfort to us. It is amazing to have the support of such a wonderful group of people. We are incredibly grateful to have this community cheering us on especially when things have gotten hard. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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