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Not Over Yet

We Are Grateful For You!

Merry Christmas. It’s official, December is here. We hope that you are looking forward to time with friends and family celebrating all the good things in your life. Some years we have to look harder to find those good things, and this year is one for us.

A couple weeks ago we sent out an update regarding Allison’s mom and pending decisions regarding Josiah’s Covenant. Thank you to all of you that sent your condolences and prayers for Allison and Josiah’s Covenant. We tried to reply to each of you, but please know we were greatly encouraged. You are one of those good things we are celebrating.

Allison and our girls are doing well. There are tears and great memories, a bouncing from peace to grief. We know this is a part of the process and that Allison’s mom is in a better place. That gives us a lot of peace.

Not Over Yet!

As we let you know, our advisory board met to go over the pending questions about the direction and future of Josiah’s Covenant. As a whole, the board recommitted their decision to continue to press forward with helping teenage orphaned girls. They believe that the great work that has been started has more life to be given. There has already been miracle after miracle to bring us this far, and while this past year has been slow, we have needed the rest to protect our hearts from burnout.

The general consensus of the board is best described by this analogy: They think we have dug several feet below ground only finding a small amount of treasure. If we were to dig a few more inches, we would find a great treasure. We are too close to hitting the tipping point to give up now.

While our focus has been on Allison’s mom, health care has been a concern at the farm, as well. Each week David has taken his father two hours one-way by bus to the hospital to get treatments for stomach cancer. While the slowness of progress this past year can be frustrating, in reality, it has been a blessing to have the mental space for them to care for their family, too.

Farm Update - Dec 2017

Update From China

But that is not all David and Phoebe have been doing. Several times a month, they have had groups come to the farm to host retreats, trainings, and special events. With each new group, they have shared the vision of helping teenage orphaned girls and the need for more staff. Over the past year, David and Phoebe have developed a great network of support and encouragers of our vision.

In fact, David and Phoebe have been great ambassadors for the work to help teenage orphan girls. They want to see the vision succeed as much as we do. While they are grateful for the time to pour into David’s father, they also are disappointed that they have not found additional staff and are feeling they have let us down. If you would like to help encourage our Chinese team, please a note of encouragement or a prayer that we can pass along to them. Thanks!

Can You Help?

Kevin Shorter LinkedInAs I mentioned in the last update, I (Kevin) have started looking for a job to help reduce some of the expenses for Josiah’s Covenant. I am looking for a marketing manager position dealing with digital or data marketing. Please connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know if you know of any opportunities.

There are a few new changes coming in the next year that we feel will make us better able to continue to move forward. Thank you for your faith in this work and helping to prepare a place to protect teenage orphan girls. Let others know you support Josiah’s Covenant by buying some swag at our store. 🙂

If you haven’t already, please put us on your Christmas card list. We would love to hear from your and get your updates from the past year. Merry Christmas!

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