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We are excited 2018 is here and off to a great start. We have lots of interesting news coming your way!

We’re Now Based In Colorado Springs

As many of you know, we were looking to settle down somewhere in the US and base Josiah’s Covenant in a strategic location. With this in mind, Kevin took a job in Colorado Springs. There are dozens of non-profits and ministries here, so we feel like it will be a good place to be for a few years. We have been here since January 25th and have absolutely loved it. The kids and I have gotten involved with a homeschool co-op and are settling into that community now.

Shorters in Colorado Springs

The first lady I met here (on Facebook even before the co-op event) happened to be an American born Chinese. As we talked, I learned that she and her husband lived in the same city in China several years ago that we lived in! Small world, huh? And she has a daughter who is Rachel’s age and speaks Chinese. They have also adopted a boy, so we have lots in common already. She has also been really helpful in getting us connected with people and events to help us find our footing here… a real blessing!

She invited us to a Chinese New Year event with hundreds in attendance at the church where our homeschool co-op meets, and so we went. It was so wonderful to eat Chinese food again, watch Chinese dancing, hear Chinese music, and listen to Chinese being translated.

Chinese New Year - Shorters

Thank you for all who have prayed for a smooth transition. So far it has been really wonderful, and we are thankful for this new season.

We Are Looking to Expand!

As for Josiah’s Covenant, we are happy to let you know that we have a new staff lady coming to join us in March!! With Kevin’s new job, we were able to use the donations that are coming in to offer a salary for new staff. We have had one lady accept the job and another lady still considering it.

With these new staff, they will go through some training with David and Phoebe for a few weeks, and soon we hope to welcome more orphaned girls to the farm. We are very excited by this development, and we hope you are too.

Working overseas, we know how difficult these things can be. Internationals have a different way of doing things than Americans which if fine, and we honestly honor the differences. But please pray for these two ladies to actually come and stay at the farm, and for good team bonding with the four of them. Please also pray for us as we lead them and set the direction for the work at the farm. We would really like to get girls at the farm soon, but we also want it done right so that it will succeed.

Please also pray that our financial support stays solid so that we can begin hiring girls soon. That will be an added expense coming up that we need to be ready for.

Thanks so much for your partnership and love for our family.

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