Two New Staff Hired

We Are Fully Staffed

We Are Fully Staffed!

Greetings from beautiful Colorado! So much is going on for us the last few weeks. We mentioned last month that I (Kevin) started a job in Colorado in order to free up more donations to hire potential staff in China. This strategy has paid off and as of last week, we have two new staff, bringing our total to six employees in China.

We initially hired Ai and Niu to provide security to the farm, keep it clean, grow vegetables, and take care of the animals. Then we hired their son and his wife, David and Phoebe, to manage the farm, bring in new groups, hire new staff, and provide training for the team and orphaned girls. Now we have hired Zhao and Mei who will help David and Phoebe with training and caring for the orphaned girls.

This means we are now fully staffed. We will provide a couple months of training to these new ladies on orphan care issues, then be ready to take in more orphan girls.

New Team Members

Who Are These Two New Women?

Both Zhao and Mei came to work for us through on-going relationships they have had with David and Phoebe. Zhao has worked with youth for several years. She came to the farm last year at the invitation of David and Phoebe because she was experiencing burnout. At the farm, she received rest, encouragement, and counsel from our team.

She only stayed a week, but our team remained connected to her as she went back to her job. Zhao is from the other side of the country, but through regular phone calls, our team helped guide her out of burnout. At the beginning of the New Year, she felt she wanted to join David and Phoebe at the farm to help provide help and a family to the orphaned girls who we plan to receive soon.

Mei is a young widow, whose in-laws rejected her when her husband died. David and Phoebe were there when she started toward depression in her grief. They were a lifeline to Mei and formed a good friendship with her. Mei has been active in helping homeless kids, many of whom are orphans.

We Have A Great Team!

I hope you noticed not only the talent that is joining our team but also how wonderful David and Phoebe are at what they do! The team will start going through some team building and training as they prepare to take on teenage orphan girls.

David and Phoebe recently met with the organization that sent us the two girls we had when our family was there. They are excited that we are ready to start receiving more girls and have already identified one girl who may be a good fit for our program. We want to start with at least two girls so the first girl won’t feel as lonely, but we are encouraged as many pieces are falling into place.

Change of Address

Check the Address

For those of you who are giving by check, remember to update the address. With these recent changes, our expenses are about the same, and with the possibility of getting orphaned girls, our expenses will go up. Please check your online giving to make sure your sending the checks to Colorado. (Check here for other ways to give.)

Please send your support checks to:

Josiah’s Covenant
PO Box 64022
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Thank you for all you have done to get us this far. All of your prayers and support are leading us to the edge of a new start at the farm. We are excited to see what these next few months hold. We hope you have a wonderful Easter and know you are changing lives for the better.

Have a Great Easter

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