A Major Milestone

China One Child Policy

China’s One Child Policy

Thirty years ago, Allison read a magazine article telling about the problems facing baby girls in China. The One-Child policy, trying to limit the population explosion in the country, was having a devastating impact on the baby girls. If a Chinese couple was only allowed one child, they wanted a boy to make sure they were taken care of later in life.

Therefore baby girls were not wanted. We were told stories of girls being left in the woods, trash cans, or on the stoop of police stations.

Allison made a decision reading that magazine in her young teen years that she would do what she could to help Chinese orphan girls. She may never want to give birth to kids of her own, but she wanted to adopt Chinese orphan girls.

We Tried to Adopt

Since we got married, Allison and I have tried to adopt twice. Both times we sacrificed loads of time and money, only to come away without a child. One time we got pregnant with Elizabeth; the second time China gave our promised girl to someone else. With costs equivalent to tuition for my Wake Forest MBA, we came away without a child…twice.

Almost Adopted

This passion to help Chinese orphan girls led us to sell everything to start Josiah’s Covenant in China. We have seen incredible miracles of the Chinese government giving us a work visa, someone giving us a farm, and people from all over the world putting physical labor to make a home for teenage orphaned girls.

We also have seen friends and new friends come alongside us praying, giving, and promoting the work that was being created.

Major Milestone

April was a major milestone for Josiah’s Covenant.

Over the past year, David and Phoebe have quietly been taking in people to the farm to give them respite and care. They have allowed people who have lost their hope to come and stay at the farm, while loving on them back to life. The new staff we mentioned last month were the products of this care and love.

Last month David and Phoebe were connected with a 20 year old single girl who was pregnant and scared. She felt worthless and alone, so David and Phoebe let her stay at the farm during the last stage of her pregnancy while they sacrificially cared for her needs and took her to the hospital.

Kindness Grace

You must know while David and Phoebe are naturally gifted in caring for others, this was particularly hard for them because they have been trying to have their own baby for many years and have not be able to conceive. They have tried medical help and prayed fervently for a child. Helping this frightened pregnant girl was a honor and yet also a terrible reminder of what they couldn’t do.

Kindness, Grace and Favor

With this in mind, David and Phoebe gave amazing care to this pregnant young lady. She told them how important they made her feel and how she feels like it changed her for eternity. Days before giving birth, she asked David and Phoebe if they would consider adopting her baby.

In a whirlwind of events in those short few days, this girl gave birth to a baby girl and signed the papers for her to be officially David and Phoebe’s daughter.

We don’t know how this affects the timing of everything else, but we know this is incredibly significant. Her name is Enci (恩慈, translated as kindness, grace, and favor). She is a fulfillment of a multitude of prayers, and this act displays David and Phoebe’s heart to impact lives. We are blessed beyond measure that they are on the Josiah’s Covenant team!

New Addition at Farm

Please celebrate with us the addition of this precious life and the joy of David and Phoebe having their prayers answered in such a way. The young lady has already gone back to her hometown on the other side of China. Please pray that the joy and love that she found during her stay remains with her for the rest of her life. Please also pray for David and Phoebe as they adjust to sudden parenthood.

Thank you for your support and partnership with Josiah’s Covenant. Lives are being changed, and people are regularly finding new hope for their lives.

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