Spinning Off The Business

Hello. Allison here. We hope that you are planning for a fun summer. We are enjoying Colorado by hiking every weekend, taking beautiful pictures, and being outside as much as we can. The snow finally melted so we are enjoying it!

So news from China! It does seem like the opportunity is right here to begin receiving orphaned girls. David and Phoebe have good connections with a sending agency there, as well as with the police.

The thing is… They can have 0 foreign involvement. So what does this mean? Good question.

Zero Foreign Involvement

Things in China are seemingly getting harder for foreigners. Most of our friends there have found it is time to move on, so they have moved to other countries or back home. We hear of more restrictions and shut downs. And, whether right or wrong, for the work we do, the government feels that they should be taking care of their own people. There is an uncertainty of motives as to why foreigners would want to be helpful, and it is an insult to them that they would need foreigners help.

David and Phoebe have made contact with a local group that have girls to send to us. This organization gets children that the police find living alone on the street.  This group has been to the farm and love what has been set up. However, since this group works closely with the police, they don’t want to be connected with a company that is foreign-owned.

Spinning Off The Business

Kevin and I have prayed about it over the last month, talked to David and Phoebe, and feel like they are in the perfect place to fully take over the work there. They are now financially able to cover the cost of running the farm and its employees. And, they have found some financial support locally that would give them enough money to fully pay the incoming girls as well.

This is important because part of the separation from foreign support is we are not supposed to send them money once they receive girls. They have a team now and a good support system with some businesses and churches in the area, so it seems like it’s a natural transition to step back and hand everything off to the nationals – WHICH IS EVERY FOREIGN WORKERS DREAM!!!

A Look Back At What’s Been Accomplished

We know it’s been a longer than expected transition to get to this point since we moved back to the US, but let’s think about this because it is truly remarkable.

  • We moved to China, met the right people, got a farm, cleaned it out, financed a full $50,000 remodel on the dorm and dining room, hosted numerous teams that helped us do months worth of work
  • Started a business, housed and employed 2 orphaned girls which helped us understand orphan care and be able to train David and Phoebe better
  • Found David and Phoebe, who already had been trained in counseling and issues associated with orphans, and who had a heart to help them
  • Came back to the US and funded the farm and the work there until David and Phoebe could fully take over
  • David and Phoebe adopted a precious little girl last month, making the circle feel somehow complete in terms of them adopting Josiah’s Covenant and our vision to help orphaned girls.

All this happened in 5 short years!!! Yay, God!!

When Should We Stop Our Giving?

We are so grateful for all the financial support given to Josiah’s Covenant over the years. You have made it possible for Chinese workers to create a family for teenage orphaned girls.

While you can always stop giving at any time, we do have some final expenses that we need to cover, and we would like to have one final trip to China to more formally hand off the work to David and Phoebe. It would also be good for us and them to see each other one more time.

Here is the breakdown of these costs:

  • Josiah’s Covenant annual legal fees and taxes – $2,000
  • Closing costs of Chinese business (finalizing costs) ~ $1,000
  • Trip to China for our family – $4,000
  • Four Chinese visas for us – $500

We will keep Josiah’s Covenant up until the end of the year to make it easier on our taxes and for those of you who want to give to these needs.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for a smooth transition for David and Phoebe as they begin taking girls. Please pray for the right girls who really want and need help and a family, who David and Phoebe can pour into as leaders in the future. We still have a heart to reach hundreds of girls, and those who have been ministered to will make the best leaders one day.

Please also pray for David and Phoebe as they are now starting the process to have a business in China to legitimize having the farm. It’s really the only way to get anything done there. It’s a big expense with tons of paperwork, but they are ready.

Thank you so much for being a part of this miracle. It has been a fun challenge!

We plan to continue to write these newsletters until the transition is complete to let you know about selling our Chinese business and hopefully girls arriving soon. Blessings!

A Couple of Pictures from Our Time in China

Girls on Train Shorters in China

How to Give to Josiah’s Covenant


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