What’s Going On With Josiah and the Shorters

It has been 3 months since we announced that we were handing off the business and work to our Chinese staff, David and Phoebe. There have been strange feelings since this announcement. While we are happy and proud that we are handing the effort over to locals, it has also been met with sadness as our part of this journey is ending.

I assume it is similar to how parents feel when they become empty nesters. Your children will always be a part of you, but now they need room to make decisions for themselves. You have to trust in who God made them to be and the instruction you’ve given them up to this point.

Farm Business Leaders

News from the Farm

David and Phoebe are doing well. In some areas they are thriving; in others they are making decisions different than we would. That’s the way it should be because they are their own people. We talk often, and they say they value our input. It just looks different now. Instead of giving direction, we spend most of our time encouraging them and reminding them that we believe in them.

We have also gotten them connected to our network in China. First of all, our farm landlord was visiting Kunming and got together with them a few times over the summer, even spending a night at the farm. It was important for this relationship to go well, and as expected our landlord was excited about David and Phoebe, their hearts and passion, and the future of the farm with them leading it. During those visits, the farm was officially signed away from us and over to them.

Friends at Farm

How Are We Doing?

All of this work to hand over what we created to David and Phoebe has been somewhat difficult. Even though it is much easier than setting everything up, it is hard to get motivated about spending money and effort to close things down, especially as we are working on what is next for us and getting settled into another new city. But, progress is being made with the closing of Josiah’s Covenant and here is an update on our family lives:

I (Kevin) have been at Focus on the Family as a manager. It has been a great job for me mixing nonprofit, data, and family. I have also been continuing my 10 year project on the Prayer Coach blog and recently started preparing a book on prayer.

Allison has been continuing to homeschool the girls, as Rachel entered high school this fall and Elizabeth is in 5th grade.¬†As a part of Rachel’s studies, Allison started selling DoTerra essential oils. Healthy living has been an area of interest for Alli for some time, and this business gives Rachel many ways to study and explore business, marketing, writing, speaking, health, etc. You can check out their healthy living website. Most of the pictures and recent writing has been done by Rachel.

Shorter Family

Thank you again for joining us on the journey. It has been an exciting and life changing adventure for our family. We have met so many wonderful people, from those that interned with us, to church members at Revive Church in San Francisco that provided a covering for us, to friends and new friends that have given financially and prayerfully to everything that we did. We are humbled by your love and belief in us and the vision of Josiah’s Covenant.

There is still more for us to do to close Josiah by the end of the year. But, we are encouraged that the dream has not ended. Please stay connected with us through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. We can be found by searching Kevin Shorter/Prayer Coach or Allison Mayhue Shorter/Healthy Living in Colorado. We hope you have a great September.

Kevin and Allison

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