We’re Going Back to China, to China, to China

Going Back to China

We’re going back to China… hmm, I don’t think so.

I never really understood this song by LL Cool J. Was he going to Cali or not? Whatever his intentions, we are going back to China… for a short one-week trip.

Going Back to Visit the Farm

You may remember as we mentioned that we would be closing down Josiah’s Covenant this year, we desired to make a trip back to China to make an official handoff to our local team for them to run the work for the teenage orphan girls. We finally feel we can make it happen for the girls and myself (Kevin). It will be great spending time with David and Phoebe and meeting the rest of the team they have developed.

We will be taking a care package over to them and would love to take some gifts from you, especially personal notes of encouragement and pictures of your family. It is easy to feel forgotten living on a farm, so your notes will be a huge encouragement to them. You can send anything to:

PO Box 64022, Colorado Springs, CO 80962

We need everything by November 10 so we can be sure to pack it!

Were Going Home

This trip is also important for Rachel and Elizabeth to give them some closure for our time there. They have great memories of China and miss much of what they experienced there. We have hesitated about going back making sure we would have enough money that they could make the trip. They are so excited and are already making a list of things they want to do when they get there.

Is Allison Going, Too?

You may be wondering why Allison is not going. There are several reasons for this beyond not having the finances for all of us to make it. While we are gone, she will meet up with a board member and former board member to make the official vote to close Josiah’s Covenant. It is a step that could be done over the phone, but we wanted celebrate the accomplishments the last five years with something more meaningful.

Shorter family

Let’s Celebrate All That Has Been Accomplished

This story will still be going on. Throughout the entire journey we needed you, our friends and supporters, to keep plugging ahead. In under four years time, we moved to a country we had never been, learned enough of the language to set up a business, were given a farm, renovated a dilapidated dormitory, tested the concept of taking care of girls, and handed our work off to locals to run. We may have been the ones in China, but this is the fruit of your prayers and belief in this vision.

Today, we got our visas to go, so we will be there over Thanksgiving, a wonderful time to give thanks for all that has been done. Again, please send us notes of encouragement for David, Phoebe, and the rest of the team there. We are excited to send off the ministry to the next stages of their journey.

For now, let’s celebrate.


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