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Kevin-ShorterKevin holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and has worked inside two fortune 500 companies running strategic projects within their marketing departments. Kevin has excelled working alongside managers inside companies helping get them the essential information to support their programs. He is skilled at translating company goals to relevant marketing campaigns which increase sales.

Here are some examples of what Kevin has done:

  • He saved Lowe’s $3,000,000 by reallocating some of their banner spend to SEO efforts while maintaining the traffic draw to the site and increasing the number of conversions on the site.
  • He repositioned Dr. Fox’s national syndicated articles to drive greater online traffic and customer interaction.
  • He developed a way to securely manage and track personalized coupons delivered by email.
  • He created an online-offline strategy for adidas through triggers mailers based on online behavior. These mailers placed adidas in front of customers that were statistically ready to purchase from them.

Kevin pulls from a wide spectrum of experiences and translates successes across industries. Allow him to open up opportunities for your company.

Kevin is a husband, father, teacher, author, speaker, partner, and manager. Contact him today to help your company make the best use its resources to reduce waste, increase sales, and add customers. You can contact Kevin at:



Recommendation for Kevin Shorter

“Kevin possesses strong analytical skills. He is a solid student with well-developed methodological and entrepreneurial skills. His dual field of study (Marketing and Entrepreneurship) reflect his ability to conduct rigorous analytical work while at the same time be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial. More importantly, Kevin has a natural curiosity for learning and is truly a strategic thinker who understands the complexity in today’s global marketplace. His dedication to learning sets him apart from other students and will enable him to succeed.”

Dr. Charles Iacovou
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty
Professor of Management
Wake Forest School of Business